The Kevington Hotel

If you meander about 10 kms south of Jamieson, Vic along the Woods Point Road, the road follows the river and is rather winding so meandering is the correct description here, you will find the quaint old Kevington Pub. Built in 1862 it is the last of the original pubs on this road. The others having succumbed to the ravages of fire or progress. The hotel is flanked by tall poplars that are as old as the pub. It is well placed in gardens that roll down to the banks of the wild Goulburn River. The narrow bar is adorned with deer heads and the friendly publicans are much more animated. This is a true family run hotel. Only three families have owned this hotel throughout its long life. There are historic cabins out the back where one can stay over or better still camping is allowed on the lawns out back for a small price.Food wise, the parma’s and burgers are huge and delicious. There is a pretty paved beer garden that soaks up the sun on a nice day. Indoors is the biggest surprise, a charming dining room with original decor.

While we sit enjoying a cool drink after a four km walk from Skipworh Reserve, we watch the birds hopping about out front. There are Crimson rosellas, bright blue fairy wrens, large red and green King Parrots and cheeky little bower birds with khaki plumage. It’s like being in an aviary except we’re the ones on the inside.

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