Seven Creeks Hotel, Euroa

Melbourne is being lashed with rain and we’ve had more than our fair share driving down the Hume Highway.

It is nothing short of ‘lovely weather for ducks’ and dozens of them feed on the lawn in the rain as we leave the caravan park and almost rush across the bridge to our favourite Seven Creeks Hotel. The pub is warm and welcoming. There is antique furniture, Persian carpets and touches of French provincial, even a grand piano. What a haven on a wet and chilly afternoon. Delicious eggplant chips, a satisfying Guinness pie and a perfectly cooked piece of salmon steak. This is our third visit to this pub and each time the food is better than the last time. Damn I guess we’ll have to return once more.


Seven Creeks Hotel

5 thoughts on “Seven Creeks Hotel, Euroa

  1. So you do rain too, do you? It’s only fair, don’t expect too much sympathy, especially with places like the Seven Creeks to pop into for shelter and sustenance.


    1. Now, now just because you folks are the experts when it comes to rain. In Melbourne we complain bitterly if the rain is heavy or if it lasts for any length of time without a break. We’re a bunch of sooks. And yes the old Seven Creeks is a class act.

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