Since fireworks were banned in most states of Australia we no longer celebrate Guy Fawkes day. But there is nothing stopping country folk from having a bonfire to get rid of the rubbish before the hot dry weather returns and nothing more cathartic for the soul.


5 thoughts on “Bonfires

  1. Are bonfires a no-no for environmental reasons or for fear of uncontrolled bush fires? It’s hard to imagine Guy Fawkes night without a bonfire. But then it’s hard to imagine it without its being cold, windswept and gloomy either.


    1. In the southern states farmers are restricted to burning off in the winter months only due to the risk of bushfires. The fireworks were banned for safety reasons. I guess everyone has a tale of an exploding pocket. Though they can still be sold in Canberra. Which means that NYE is always a boom bang time with illicit fireworks going off in backyards across the nation.

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