Poachers Paradise Hotel, Rutherglen

Feb 2016

The mercury hits 42° it is searingly hot and even though the wind is blowing across the lake it feels as though we are having happy hour in front of a hair dryer. We’re in Rutherglen, Vic for a caravan club muster and trying to make the best of it when someone shouts “Why don’t we just go to the pub?” Of course! Why didn’t we think of that? In a flash we’re all up and off across the street to the coolest pub with icy cold beer and huge parmas. Oh heaven. And who says seniors can’t run?

Poachers Paradise might sound like a funny name for a pub but the air conditioning is chilly and the food excellent. The parma topped with prawns, cheese and garlic is a winner, so good in fact that we return to order it all over again a few nights later.

Poachers Paradise, Rutherglen. He’s going in for a coldie!

9 thoughts on “Poachers Paradise Hotel, Rutherglen

  1. Another of our favourite places in Vic, although we have never been into the Poacher’s Paradise pub it looks fantastic. We spent my 50th birthday on a private wine tour with friends, it was 50C and apart form the limo air conditioning, the best relief was a glass of muscat slushie! Favourite winery: Chambers, muscat and tokay to die for!


    1. A great way to celebrate a birthday! Our Rutherglen trip was a caravan club Muster and we did a wine tour it was great fun but I wish I hadn’t put my hand up to drive. They have a brilliant wine festival in Heathcote every Oct and it’s a short walk from the van park.


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