Compare the days

We always mix our accommodation and rarely choose the cheapest for the sake of cost. We tend to choose the best option available for the location. Be it Caravan Parks, Showgrounds, Camp Grounds, Pubs, Clubs, Farm Stays, National Parks or Freedom Camps. Friends who choose only to stay in caravan parks often ask why we stay in other places. This comparison of two consecutive days when pressing on to get home may help to explain our logic.

Long distance, tired, pull into a depressing rundown highway caravan park where half the toilets have been locked to save on cleaning, have a read, close the blinds for privacy, cook dinner, watch a little TV, fall into bed to the sound of trucks. Wake tired.

Same distance, tired, pull into town park (far enough away from the highway), have a beer with the locals and talk about the drought with a farmer, read a few pages, walk the town, have a drink in the bar and learn something about the family life of publicans, get warm by the fire, chat to fellow caravanners (there are only two other vans here) and enjoy a lovely meal, fall into bed. Wake refreshed.

OK, in the long run we paid more for the pub stay with drinks and dinner but hey, I know which one we’ll remember the most. Which would you prefer?

Killarney Gap north east of Narrabri, NSW

17 thoughts on “Compare the days

  1. I agree that choosing a good place to spend the night adds to the whole experience. Nearly one third of our travelling lives is spent in bed; and any place that makes it possible to meet locals has a lot going for it. Travel is not just about scenery.


      1. Yes I must admit we do go a lot by gut feeling on how a place looks and a few clues that it may not be a place to stay. We learnt after the odd dud choice to park the van and have a walk around first. Or in some cases go into reception at a caravan park and first impression counts! We’ve driven in and out of places without getting out of the car even.

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