Emerald City

That’s the town in the gemfields isn’t it? Halfway between Rockhampton and Longreach on the Capricorn Highway almost on the Tropic of Capricorn. Emerald truly is a gem. The wide streets are mostly duplicated with avenues of trees down the centre. The main business street, Egerton Street is a tropical oasis of spreading trees and garden beds. This is a town of bougainvillea, mangoes, frangipani. The townsfolk have an eye for art. Mosaics are embedded in the footpaths and interesting pieces are dotted about. An enormous easel stands in the park. The botanic gardens fulfil their purpose of making one feel good. Also dotted with art pieces and thoughtfully laid out.

June 2016, Emerald, Central Queensland

There is plenty to see in Emerald and a nicer town would be hard to find. Today I visit the east side of the Botanic Gardens to see the artworks. I lose my map, get totally lost and hope to hell that my sense of direction will get me out as there are 6 kms of walking trails through dense plantings of bushland and rainforest. Hundreds of black and white butterflies flit through the rainforest and fruit bats hang about chattering in the trees overhead. Every which way there is something to catch the eye like the bush church made from standing stones and a simple cross.

Bush Church, Emerald Botanic Gardens

Nourished by Lake Maraboon this area is a fruit bowl of rich dark volcanic soil, orange groves, cotton, sunflowers, grapes. Nearby there are gemstones of many hues just waiting to be uncovered and deeper underground there is coal and lots of it.

Lake Maraboon

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