Capricorn Dancers, Days 78 & 79 – Senior’s Parking!

Day 78 Thursday 12/8/21 Mulambin, some cloud 22

After a warm night, it’s washing and cleaning day. The mundane things still must be done. Silicon shoves a few more screws into our table. Woody hits the footpaths again. VeeWee is planning her route southwest in the likelihood of Covid breaking out here. Elle goes online to buy lottery tickets. Did someone say we’re all moving up here if we win?

NSW logs 345 Covid cases, Melbourne extends its lockdown for another fortnight. Canberra is locked tight and on our chosen route home via the Kidman Way in the west, Covid has broken out in Bourke.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Day 79 Friday 13/8/21 Mulambin, cloudy 22

A curlew plants himself in the garden beside Woody as he eats breakfast outside. The honeyeaters are becoming exceedingly cheeky. MV is dashing about checking her soup. She is making a big pot of pumpkin soup for us all from one of C’s home-grown pumpkins.

We drive into Yeppoon for groceries. Woody parks in an ‘Oldies’ designated bay. I’m shocked declaring that we’re not ready for that yet. When he gets glared at by two senior ladies he assumes that they think he is a young bloke. El Prado and I both reckon that they were just widows checking out some fresh talent in the district.

I walk along the Causeway Lake foreshore. This is a quirky little fisherman’s hamlet and I learn that the lake only came into being in 1936 when a causeway bridge was built across Mulambin Creek to create a coastal drive between Yeppoon and Emu Park. We can be thankful that someone had such vision to build this delightful road.

Once more happy hour is a rather noisy affair with the Prado’s friends joining in. We make a decision to head for home on the 25th when our booking ends here. Three vans, The Prado’s, VeeWee and ourselves. NSW cases today are 390.

Woody cooks a yellow curry with prawns. No, not in the air fryer!

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Gosh that girl can grow good pumpkins
The dunny at Causeway Lake with a reminder of Great Barrier Reef health. That’s the lake in the background if you’re interested in scenery.

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