Gang Gang Cockatoos

Feb 2019, Skipworth Reserve, Jamieson, Vic It’s always exciting to see an unusual bird and even better to get a chance to photograph them. I find Black Cockatoos elusive and always flying too high. Last year I had my first glimpse of a pair of Major Mitchell Cockatoos near Bourke, but it was only fleeting. These cheeky guys however visited us on two nights to feast on what looked like a Hawthorn bush. They were near enough to distinguish their dark grey plumage and distinctive red heads but not close enough for a clear image. Advertisements Continue reading Gang Gang Cockatoos

Farewell to a Good Mate

This life of retirement has meant that we have made a lot of new friends in our new found pursuits. The obvious fact is that we won’t be lucky enough to know them for a whole lifetime. Perhaps that is why seniors laugh a lot. They are laughing at the ups, the downs and the inevitabilities. Today we say farewell to a very dear mate, whom we were lucky to meet when we joined our caravan club. A mate who possessed the quintessential laid-back dry Aussie humour that this culture is known for. A man who deserved a gold medal … Continue reading Farewell to a Good Mate

A bevi @ the Kevi

One of our favourite watering holes is the historic Kevington Hotel (aka the Kevington Hilton) at Kevington in Victoria’s high country. Situated on a bend of the winding road that follows the wild Goulburn River ‘The Kevi’ is a welcome sight for the weary traveller. The front bar is a treat, adorned with gold rush photos of days gone by and once neighbouring valley hotels that have succumbed to fire. This is an area popular with deer hunters and on the wall hangs the head of a magnificent deer that wasn’t shot but the victim of a road accident not … Continue reading A bevi @ the Kevi

Good News for FOMO’s

Many times we’ve camped at Skipworth Reserve south of Jamieson in Victoria’s Upper Goulburn Valley but there has been no mobile phone service and the nearest communications was at a phone box outside the Kevington Pub, 4 kilometres away. Thinking back, the last time I used a phone box was probably at that very one back in 2014. And on several occasions I’ve driven 7 kilometres back to Jamieson township to publish a blog post via the ipad or phone. Now thankfully mobile service is available part way up the valley, to the joy of Facebook tragics like Woody and … Continue reading Good News for FOMO’s