Who us?

Enjoying the tranquility of Dando’s Campground in the splendid tall timber of the Otway Ranges we light the fire for dinner. As it is building strength a ute load of locals roar in and come over to join us by the fire and say g’day. Three blokes and a young woman are all around 40 and there are a couple of kids in the back of the ute. They tell us a bit about the history of the campground and how one of them, the chap whose birthday they are celebrating was married in a clearing at the back of … Continue reading Who us?

Most people visit Clare for the wine

Mar 2018 We are up early to meet the auto electrician in nearby Clare. It’s a beautiful drive through rolling hills dotted with sheep chewing contentedly on wheat stubble and substantial stone farmhouses with wide verandas, though difficult for El and Elle Prado as they are closely following our van with its flickering tail lights. As we arrive in Clare, Elle has trouble getting us on the radio and our verbal instructions to her of “breaking now, turning right” are fractured and garbled. We say goodbye to The Prado’s who are heading for home because they have yet another ship … Continue reading Most people visit Clare for the wine

Is anyone home?

After reading an American blog about how often beautiful locations are marred by wall to wall RV’s I realise that we here in Australia often forget how lucky we are being able to park close to beaches or rivers or just out in the countryside. If we choose to be on our own we can be and there are thousands of camp sites where we can find peace and solitude. When we first hired a motor home in New Zealand to sample the lifestyle we were amazed to be camped on a river bank on the very first night. Of … Continue reading Is anyone home?