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Hi, I am Lindsey Wood and I am assisted by my husband ‘Woody’ who by the amount of shoes in our caravan, should be known as Imelda. We live in Melbourne and retired in 2012. After spending a lot of time considering whether we could really afford to retire it eventually dawned on us (after seeing friends struck down well before their time) that it is not a case of ‘can we afford to retire?’, but ‘can we afford not to retire?’ From the very moment that we stopped work we realised that time was running out for a healthy active retirement! Being fervent travellers who had already owned several trailable yachts an assortment of tents and had ‘done’ two motor home holidays in New Zealand. I guess you could say that we love the idea of camping in idyllic places.

The day after we retired our ‘new’ caravan arrived.


The views expressed in this blog are entirely those of the writer, and those folk that the writer has met in her travels, and are subject to change due to the effects of time and knowledge. This is the nature of a blog particularly one based on the ever widening experiences of travel.

“A traveller without observation is a bird without wings.” Moslih Eddin Saadi


Unauthorised use of this material without the express and written permission of the author is strictly prohibited © Lindsey Wood, Itchingforhitching.com 2015.

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  1. Hi Lindsey,

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    I’d like to start a movement. To inspire people to live and see more of the world. POI’s purpose is to create a community and world awareness -where the focus is the world’s point’s of interest. It becomes a shared goal to explore and exploit the world’s POI!

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  2. I have picked you, itchingforhitching, as number four on my daily assignment today. I believe my assignment is to comment on four different blogs. I found your blog to be very interesting, I would love traveling across Australia, I know that is not going to happen unless the lottery would happened to fall into my lap, and I could take a few of these extra years off my life, also get a 90% energy increase in my body. I would be ready to travel. I do believe I have to settle for second best and read about your adventures.

    I like the way your blog is set up, everything is well accessible and understandable. The more I explore your blog site I may just give up blogging and travel full-time on your site.Your photo gallery is really eye-popping, such great photographs. You may have to get a little trailer to pull behind if your husband has more shoes and boots than Imelda Marcos, can’t have enough sneakers, in case you have a breakdown somewhere along the way.

    My wife and I had many great years of hooking our boat behind our pickup camper and taking off for places unknown here in the Midwestern part of the United States we loved to fish, camp, and go hunting. All we have now is memories of those great old days and that’s a big part of what my blog is made up of. We have to cherish those memories and hang on to them with both hands.

    I want to say, you folks have a very outstanding blog to share with the world and all the lucky bloggers who find your site. I just clicked on the page to follow you folks on your blog.


  3. Oh my goodness, reading your posts is striking up the wanderlust within me! I haven’t been able to travel too much lately as I’m trying to power through my final couple quarters of college. But to be able to backpack and hitchhike and just all around travel to places other than here – the dream! Looking forward to reading more 🙂


  4. Just stumbled on you guys via Our Wayfaring Life. We are itching to retire – but only mid 40’s. Haven’t checked out all of your site yet BUT we want to retire in 4 years and think – can we do it? BUT like you say, we also have friends and associates struck down at our age so figure just do it now. Worry about old age later. We have to self fund but have a plan so let the countdown continue.


    1. We have a number of friends who retired mid fifties. It is do able with good financial planning. Most importantly you have more energy in your fifties for going bush and long trips. We’re finding now that the long trips are getting harder as I’m late 60’s and hubby early70’s.
      Thanks for reading Melissa and good luck with your plans as it is a terrific lifestyle.


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