An Open Letter to Caravan Parks

An oft heard phrase amongst the grey nomads is “we don’t want jumping pillows and playgrounds.” Most senior caravaners like to keep their costs down whenever possible but that doesn’t mean that we’re always out in the mulga. Sometimes we nomads enjoy a few days at a seaside town or a popular spot and all that it entails. A bit of shopping, dinner out or a round of golf. However when we do choose to stay at a caravan park we expect to get a level site, good roads and clean amenities. We also expect modern clean washing machines. Now … Continue reading An Open Letter to Caravan Parks

Get Smart

It is a tiny fishing / holiday town with not a lot going for it except for its National Park, beach and river. As we check into the caravan park we realise that the manager must be working for ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation), she asks so many questions about us that I’m sure that she was even noting our eye colour. We plug our 6 digit code into the rusty boom gate and hey at last we’re in. The sites are shaded by pine trees which means there is no grass just a mess of pine needles, fine gravel … Continue reading Get Smart


In this caravan park we are very close. Last night our TV addict neighbours on the left had their TV blaring. The folks on the right had their TV outside obviously as a courtesy to us because as we prepared dinner we were able to watch Home and Away through our kitchen window. It was a perfect night to eat outdoors but with a different channel in each ear it became unbearable. We resorted to the Dolby method and turned ours on as well. This morning we woke at 6:00am to the sound of laughter, our neighbours watching TV again! … Continue reading Tight?

What’s the crime?

March 2015 We’re in Port Augusta, SA and now that the wind has stopped I can appreciate the view across the inlet to the Flinders Ranges. It is a shame that the view is spoilt by a high barbed wire fence. We are locked in a gated park, apparently due to the incidence of burglaries. Even the dump point has a fence around it, although I’m wondering what they could steal, poo perhaps? Continue reading What’s the crime?

This Camp is on the Nose

Although the caravan park is neat and clean (being constantly maintained by a team of fit young men), it does have a location problem; It is adjacent to the largest cemetery you’ve ever seen (60,000 souls), well, in these parts anyway. It is also opposite the veterinarian and we’re woken every morning by barking dogs, lots of barking dogs and every evening there is an all pervading ‘fug’ coming from the vet’s dog poo disposal unit. Eew. Continue reading This Camp is on the Nose