Reference Material

The reference material listed has been invaluable to us in our travels.



We wouldn’t be without WikiCamps. We have it loaded on both our phones and the iPad. It is an inexpensive app and has a large following so the information provided is always current. My best example of its use is when we were travelling through western Queensland and there had been heavy rain. Very heavy rain. The ground in those parts quickly becomes an impassable quagmire when water is added. Which is the very reason why Qantas was founded in western Queensland, the unsealed roads in those days were inadequate in the wet. Back to the story – we were headed to Blackall and wanted to camp on the Barcoo River. The ‘comments’ told me that the ground was drying quickly and the ‘photos’ were the proof. We drove on to Blackall, camped by the Barcoo and had a thoroughly enjoyable stay.


Caravan World Magazine 

Caravan World magazine is tremendously helpful when deciding on an RV. It is a good starting point when deciding on what type of RV to buy and which layout and features best suit your needs. It has excellent technical articles.

Caravan and Motorhome Magazine

Caravan and Motorhome magazine provides a wealth of information on touring and campsites. It also has reviews on new RV’s. The DVD that comes with each magazine is thoroughly entertaining when free to air television lets you down and is useful when planning your next trip.

Online Forums & Websites

With caravanning being such an expansive topic of course there are many forums out there. The ones that I tend to use the most are:

Caravaners Forum which is very popular.

The Grey Nomads, who, by the way have an excellent newsletter.

Exploroz. The Exploroz site is packed with information and hosts a travellers blog section which is easy to use and provides some great reads. Their ‘EOTrackme’ software works well and is handy for keeping the folks back home in touch with your whereabouts.

Everything Caravan & Camping.  You can find these guys on FaceBook, its a great spot to get help from others and to exchange tips.

Country Pub Camping. A great guide (with a website and a Facebook presence) to pubs that either allow freedom camping or have a freedom camp nearby. Just remember country pubs are the heart and soul of small towns, lets keep them alive by having a drink or even better enjoying their food.

Caravan Clubs

Australian Caravan Club

Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia


Camps # Australia Wide Guide

The ‘Camps Guides’ are the go to guide to use for selecting free camps if you prefer hard copy. They comes in several sizes the largest and dearest being the one that contains photos of the camps. There is also a Caravan park version. These guides also include comprehensive maps.

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