Fridge Incontinence

Our fridge runs on 240 volt power, 12 volt from the car or bottled gas depending on what is available. Which means that while we’re driving along it is charged by the car. Once we stop for the day we change it to gas or 240 volt (more modern vans determine their power source automatically, I can only wish). But there is an added complication that arises when the weather is warm…the drip tray that is often frozen thaws and dribbles out the door onto the floor! For the life of me I cannot work out a solution, so I … Continue reading Fridge Incontinence

Don’t step in the fruit bowl!

To live comfortably in a caravan everything must have a place but many things have two places. The wash basket lives in the shower except of course when we are showering then it moves in front of the fridge, it travels in the bathroom. The fruit bowl travels on the floor between the settee seats but lives on the bathroom floor when we are camped to give us more bench space. My ukulele goes under the bed when the chairs are outside but travels on the floor beside the bed. Is that confusing? Well try taking a shower! Continue reading Don’t step in the fruit bowl!

Caravan Manufacturers Take Note

While waiting for a prescription to be filled at a chemist I suddenly realised that I was snuggling into the customer couch just a little too much. The bane of caravanners is trying to find a decent supportive seat. Camp chairs have come a long way over the years but because they need to be light and portable there is only so much that they can offer in the way of comfort and support. Interior seating has gone through many fads; cafe, club lounge etc. in most cases it is a glorified padded couch on top of a storage cupboard. … Continue reading Caravan Manufacturers Take Note

Dump Point Etiquette

To talk or not to talk? That is the question. When couples travel emptying the toilet cassette (or ‘shit suitcase’ as Woody calls it) tends to be a ‘blue’ job, so I’ve asked many fellas whether they have a chat at the dump point. Thus far I’ve only received a few embarrassed mumblings so I’m putting the question to you caravanning readers… Do you talk at the dump point or not? Continue reading Dump Point Etiquette