Info Centres

Regardless of which team they barrack vote for the whingers are always complaining about the government of the day not doing enough for them. Has anybody noticed that in every town of a certain size there is an impressive Information Centre promoting regional tourism? Interesting buildings and it seems that no two are the same. Some grand some small. You will always find enough parking for caravans, clean toilets, maps and guides detailing the attractions in the area along with helpful staff to provide information about local tours, road conditions and things of interest. You can find thoughtful gifts for … Continue reading Info Centres

It’s a Grey Issue

The handling of grey water is a contentious issue for caravanners in this country. Some campgrounds don’t like people to drop their grey water because sullage hoses that aren’t moved regularly can spoil the ground. On the other hand, we’ve seen desert caravan parks that ask visitors to drop their grey water and helpfully move the sullage hoses around their lush lawns and garden beds for us. That said, it was no surprise when I received this text from friends who for privacy’s sake I’ll call Crafty Colleen and Bob the Builder. “We drove into Charleville Bush Camp and a … Continue reading It’s a Grey Issue

Remember nudity when choosing a caravan

The layouts of most standard Australian caravans have the external door situated either between the bathroom and kitchen or bedroom and kitchen. Husbands have a bad habit of opening the caravan door when wives are naked. Let me explain. You’ve just jumped out of the shower and you decide to spread out a bit as the bathroom isn’t big enough to swing a cat let alone your aging boobs. You’re drying yourself, arms and legs akimbo half in the bathroom and half in front of the fridge, when hubby flings the door open as wide as it will go, sticks … Continue reading Remember nudity when choosing a caravan

Mulambin Mumblings – Destocking

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld With all of the recent talk of crackdowns on overweight caravans – Woody woke in the middle of the night and declared that the van should be destocked. “The rice cooker can go” he says “and the spare set of sheets.” This from the man who stores beer in the ‘cellar’ under the settee, in the car fridge, under the bed and in his undie drawer! At last count (or is that stocktake?) there were 70 bottles of the frothy stuff! A man’s not a camel though is he? Continue reading Mulambin Mumblings – Destocking

Mulambin Mumblings – To Netflix with love

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld We drive into Rockhampton to do some shopping, lots of bits and pieces in fact, which has us darting back and forth across town following the dulcet tones of Google Maps. Booze, bread, coffee beans, craft twine*, fruit and vegies from the fruit barn and a new hairdryer as ours has burnt out. Then in a rush of excitement in the electrical store (perhaps we’ve been in the bush too long) we buy a Google Chromecast dongle thingy. Why Chromecast? Well we’re getting old and soft and watching more TV these days and have … Continue reading Mulambin Mumblings – To Netflix with love

Rest in the rubbish bin trusty Shimanos

My Shimano beach sandals have died and I’m quite sure that most of our friends will cheer. I bought these trusty rock hopping, floatable sandals at BCF Mt Isa in 2014. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, Mt Isa is about 500kms from the sea. These trusty shoes have travelled tens of thousands of kilometres, trudged beaches of the Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans and kept me afloat in a murky river on a hot day. They’ve even stayed sitting in the stepwell when the caravan door was flapping down the Bruce Highway a few years … Continue reading Rest in the rubbish bin trusty Shimanos

Up the Guts – Getting down to the nitty gritty

Planning a caravanning trip is exciting, where to go, what to see, how far to drive each day without doing yourself in and then there’s the really important stuff: “Where can we empty the toilet?” Or “How many days can we go without emptying the toilet? Oh shit!” Then there’s, “Where can we fill the water tanks?” And “Where is the next supermarket?” Or even “Do they have supermarkets out there?” At least Wikicamps makes finding dump points easy. All of the above depends on whether there are towns where you are going. Then there are the grog shops to … Continue reading Up the Guts – Getting down to the nitty gritty