Why Women Must Learn to Tow

All it takes is a stumble and one of you can be out of action. When I suddenly found myself sitting on my ankle on a well maintained National Park pathway no one would have been more surprised than me. But a broken ankle meant that poor Woody had a three thousand kilometre drive with no assistance except for a whingeing navigator with her leg propped on a cushion. Now imagine if that had been Woody with the broken ankle and if I wasn’t able to tow the caravan. We really would have been up that proverbial creek. Someone once … Continue reading Why Women Must Learn to Tow

Minor Medical Issues

Whenever a caravan club muster is imminent someone mentions that a little attention is needed for a Minor Medical Issue, “but don’t worry, we’ll be there.” And true to their word they are. Dodgy ticker, broken bones, torn ligaments, dicky knees, drug patches and hidden tubing from recent surgery, fuzzy heads, blurry eyes, overactive thyroids, bladders and guts. Around camp grounds across the country seniors are hopping and bopping on walking frames and driving their wheelchairs and scooters up ramps into their homes away from home. As my old aunt always says “It doesn’t matter where you die… it’s someone … Continue reading Minor Medical Issues

Caravanning, how do I get started?

You’ve decided to go caravanning but you don’t know where to start. Whether the car or the van comes first is as confusing as ‘The Chicken and the Egg’. Here are a few pointers that we’ve learnt the hard way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of retailers and manufacturers and do your research. Hit the online caravanning forums, subscribe to a few caravanning magazines and eventually it will all make sense. Above all enjoy yourself, this is a lifestyle choice, it can be an adventure and it is fun. Decide what type of van suits your needs The best … Continue reading Caravanning, how do I get started?


A trip shouldn’t end when you return home. A friend of ours once said “I spent $100,000 on overseas travel and I don’t remember $80,000 of it!” It is for this reason that I began a journal on our first caravanning trip and have continued to do so. That journal becomes a private blog as we travel for family and friends to know where we are. The photos become a DVD when we get home, not for boring our friends to death but to cheer us up on a cold night. Random snippets from these blogs end up here on … Continue reading Memories

The Case For Flying Home

Sometimes we are needed at home. A special family birthday, a wedding or a birth. The best way to solve this dilemma is to grab a cheap flight home and do what has to be done. Remembering of course to pack the things that you may need, silly things like a hairdryer or your favourite pillow that you can’t sleep without. And medication…don’t forget your medication, you won’t be any use to anyone if you arrive dead. Afterwards when obligations have been fulfilled you’ll find yourself wondering what the hell happened “was I really home last weekend? Sleeping in our … Continue reading The Case For Flying Home

Prepare to be Changed

If you’ve never experienced a long caravan trip, be prepared to be changed. You will never again be the same. If you are fortunate enough to have more than one adventure you will suffer mild post trip depression on returning home. A feeling that see saws between enjoyment of being back home and longing for the stimulation and simplicity of life on the road. If you are an urban person you will be shocked to see the extravagance and pretention of city life through your ‘new’ eyes. Not to mention the traffic; where the hell have they all come from? … Continue reading Prepare to be Changed

How Long is Too Long to Be Away?

Some grey nomads choose to sell the house and hit the road for as long as their old bodies will hold out. Others like ourselves choose to have a little bolt hole somewhere to call home and return to from time to time. Somewhere with no lawns to mow and small easily maintained gardens. For those like us in the southern states the summer time is certainly the best time to be enjoyed close to home. When we’re I find that by the three month mark home starts to call. My brain begins to suffer from sightseeing overload. Please! No … Continue reading How Long is Too Long to Be Away?

Packing for the road

During a trip countdown – I find that I have lists everywhere. An ongoing spreadsheet on the computer and handwritten lists around the house. Ticking off washing, ironing, shopping, loading the van, cleaning the house. If the trip entails a few days of long drives at the outset to get us to warmer weather then I may cook a larger meal and freeze half for the van so that we’ve got a warming bowl of soup, spaghetti or curry after a long drive. I’ve also found that freezing half a cake (sliced) will stop us from pigging out when it … Continue reading Packing for the road

Omelette in a Bag

Either we’ve been watching too much Masterchef or the weather is too bloody foul to want to cook properly but the other night Woody suddenly decided to try the latest internet cooking sensation Omelette in a Bag or in my rough schoolgirl French perhaps Des Oeuf Sous Vide? The general idea is to throw a couple of eggs into a freezer bag along with onion, tomato, cheese and anything else that comes to hand. Seal the bag then shake it, squeeze it and toss it about a bit to break up the egg and mix the ingredients. Drop the bag … Continue reading Omelette in a Bag