The Humble Thong

January 2022 And I’m not talking about underwear! Caravanning calls for shoes that can be kicked off in a flash so as not to drag half the beach sand or desert red dirt into the van. Shoes that can easily be kicked off or slipped into in a flash when that bottle of chilled white needs rescuing from the freezer or another cup of tea needs brewing. Continue reading The Humble Thong

Road Clothes

As we pack the caravan for another zip trip I realise the importance of the crazy clothing situation for those of us who are grey nomads. Retirement means gone are the days of bespoke business suits and sensuous silk blouses. Gone too are heels and make-up and long sessions in the hair salon hiding the creeping greys. Now it’s all about comfort and practicability. Living two lives, one in the suburbs and one on the road means two sets of clothing, one of which stays on the van most of the time. When on the road we try to keep … Continue reading Road Clothes

Elles’ beauty tips for girls of a certain age

Girls, you know those cold mornings when you’re free camping and you have no power to dry your hair? Well, Elle has the answer. Her dodgy knees prevent her from kneeling on the floor with her head in front of the diesel heater outlet like the young ones (like me) do. Her solution is to fling herself across the bed with her head hanging over the edge to catch the rising air from the heater. For the sake of space and weight everything must have two uses on a caravan. I’m sure those ladies with gas and diesel heaters in … Continue reading Elles’ beauty tips for girls of a certain age

Early Starts

When we’re on the move and travelling with mates there is always the question of what time will we take off in the morning. It may sound like a simple problem, but our blokes never want to be the one to keep the others waiting. To the point that at the very moment someone is seen to be outside their van there’s a dash to catch up and before we know it what had been planned as a ‘lazy morning with a late start’ becomes a flurry of hoses being rolled up and shouts of “Can I take the power … Continue reading Early Starts

Salad Spinners

Feb 2021, Meeniyan, Vic There’s a saying amongst caravanners that everything on board must have two uses. After returning to Meeniyan from our enforced 5day Covid lockdown we have a long and hilarious happy hour in which we discuss the merits of using a motorised salad spinner for spin drying our clothes. You see the biggest problem when camping is wringing the water out enough for the washing to dry quickly. As we all know hand washing is a chore, but the hard part is the wringing. A lot of caravans have washing machines these days, but unless they are … Continue reading Salad Spinners

Why do we stay where we do?

There are so many options available for caravaners in this country these days and we tend to use all of them. Why do we go to Caravan Parks? Level sites, power, washing machines, lawns and gardens. A pleasant park can be perfect for a long carefree break. Why do we choose Freedom Camps? Nature, adventure, price and if you choose the right one, they too can offer the perfect restful long break. Why do we choose Farm Stays? Insight, education and meeting the farmers. You will always remember the farm stays because no two will be the same. What about … Continue reading Why do we stay where we do?

Making the most of what you’ve got

Caravan cupboard space There’s a caravanning adage “Everything must have two uses”. Why not use your microwave as a bread box? Our shower has many uses. First thing in the morning it is used for showering. Then with a suction cup clothes line it becomes a drying room for smalls and bathers as well as a storage room for bulky items like our Aldi 12volt fan. And when we’re on long trips it becomes a craft room for storing my winter projects. There’s no point in leaving it empty for 23 hours a day. The bread box Continue reading Making the most of what you’ve got

12 Volt Fans

Our van came with a Fantastic smart fan fitted in the hatch above the bed.  I cannot give this fan high enough praise. Depending on the temperature that we set it at it would open the hatch and start operating. It would suck air in from outside or blow air out, which was great for getting hot air out of the van in a heatwave. Best of all if we had left the hatch open for natural air flow it would automatically sense rain and close. Sadly, it died of old age a while back. They aren’t cheap and they’re … Continue reading 12 Volt Fans