It’s a fickle market

I do feel sorry for caravan manufacturers and their design teams. It seems that the public requests and they build, grand luxurious vans with full gleaming bathrooms and kitchens that have all the features that one would expect at home. Yet so many of the vanners that I talk to refuse to use their showers, favouring the park shower blocks and turning their shower cubicle into a hanging wardrobe space. The same folk also loudly declare “Oh we’ll never cook inside!” and rain hail or shine they cook outside on their Weber Baby Q’s. Perhaps a large box containing just … Continue reading It’s a fickle market

Weights and Measures

March 2015 There’s so much discussion about van weights and towing capacities these days. I feel that we are somewhat overloaded as we set out for Perth but what with the Jeep’s 3½ tonne towing capacity it isn’t a problem except of course for the cost of fuel. Woody has packed more shoes than Imelda Marcos. Now I know that the reason for this trip is Jordy and Megsy’s wedding in Margaret River and Woody doesn’t want to arrive looking like ‘trailer trash’, but I’m sure Megsy will be the centre of attention, not Woody’s shoes. Continue reading Weights and Measures

Bordering on Madness

The New South Wales, Queensland state border is an unusual delineation. At Wallangarra the state border crosses through the railway station platform. At bustling Tweed Heads, NSW in the Summer Time you will find that you can put half of your body in a different time zone as its twin town of Coolangatta is in Queensland and doesn’t partake in Australian Eastern Summer Time, thus it remains an hour behind the rest of the eastern states for nearly half the year. Alcohol isn’t sold in supermarkets in Qld but it is in NSW, so for convenience sake you can duck … Continue reading Bordering on Madness

There’s No Need to Rush

We often hear seniors talking about having travelled 500 kilometres in a day, falling into bed then doing it all again the next day and the day after. Not only do you miss out on seeing the sights but you miss the good spots at free camps and you run the risk of hitting wildlife that feeds at dusk and dawn. We call this roo time. Why not sleep in, have a lazy breakfast then enjoy your journey. When you’re retired, every day is a Saturday, right? What’s the rush? Continue reading There’s No Need to Rush

Climate Change

One of the things that one must consider when caravanning is the constant climate change and the need to carry clothing and bedding to suit all seasons. A decent day’s drive can mean that you’ve travelled from winter to summer sometimes without realising it. Thus, on a hot night in Bowen, Qld a male voice loudly declares, “We’ve got 2 doonas, 3 blankets and all we need is a sheet!” Yeah and I’ll bet he blames his wife for the van being overweight. Continue reading Climate Change

Why Women Must Learn to Tow

All it takes is a stumble and one of you can be out of action. When I suddenly found myself sitting on my ankle on a well maintained National Park pathway no one would have been more surprised than me. But a broken ankle meant that poor Woody had a three thousand kilometre drive with no assistance except for a whingeing navigator with her leg propped on a cushion. Now imagine if that had been Woody with the broken ankle and if I wasn’t able to tow the caravan. We really would have been up that proverbial creek. Someone once … Continue reading Why Women Must Learn to Tow

Minor Medical Issues

Whenever a caravan club muster is imminent someone mentions that a little attention is needed for a Minor Medical Issue, “but don’t worry, we’ll be there.” And true to their word they are. Dodgy ticker, broken bones, torn ligaments, dicky knees, drug patches and hidden tubing from recent surgery, fuzzy heads, blurry eyes, overactive thyroids, bladders and guts. Around camp grounds across the country seniors are hopping and bopping on walking frames and driving their wheelchairs and scooters up ramps into their homes away from home. As my old aunt always says “It doesn’t matter where you die… it’s someone … Continue reading Minor Medical Issues