Salad Spinners

Feb 2021, Meeniyan, Vic There’s a saying amongst caravanners that everything on board must have two uses. After returning to Meeniyan from our enforced 5day Covid lockdown we have a long and hilarious happy hour in which we discuss the merits of using a motorised salad spinner for spin drying our clothes. You see the biggest problem when camping is wringing the water out enough for the washing to dry quickly. As we all know hand washing is a chore, but the hard part is the wringing. A lot of caravans have washing machines these days, but unless they are … Continue reading Salad Spinners

Why do we stay where we do?

There are so many options available for caravaners in this country these days and we tend to use all of them. Why do we go to Caravan Parks? Level sites, power, washing machines, lawns and gardens. A pleasant park can be perfect for a long carefree break. Why do we choose Freedom Camps? Nature, adventure, price and if you choose the right one, they too can offer the perfect restful long break. Why do we choose Farm Stays? Insight, education and meeting the farmers. You will always remember the farm stays because no two will be the same. What about … Continue reading Why do we stay where we do?

Making the most of what you’ve got

Caravan cupboard space There’s a caravanning adage “Everything must have two uses”. Why not use your microwave as a bread box? Our shower has many uses. First thing in the morning it is used for showering. Then with a suction cup clothes line it becomes a drying room for smalls and bathers as well as a storage room for bulky items like our Aldi 12volt fan. And when we’re on long trips it becomes a craft room for storing my winter projects. There’s no point in leaving it empty for 23 hours a day. The bread box Continue reading Making the most of what you’ve got

12 Volt Fans

Our van came with a Fantastic smart fan fitted in the hatch above the bed.  I cannot give this fan high enough praise. Depending on the temperature that we set it at it would open the hatch and start operating. It would suck air in from outside or blow air out, which was great for getting hot air out of the van in a heatwave. Best of all if we had left the hatch open for natural air flow it would automatically sense rain and close. Sadly, it died of old age a while back. They aren’t cheap and they’re … Continue reading 12 Volt Fans

Bypassing Melbourne via the B300

Recently we were camped beside an ex Melburnian who asked how we cross town these days and if we still use Sydney Road. Which reminded me of coming home tired from long weekends only to face a stop start crawl down Sydney Road, then through the heart of the city. Thank goodness we don’t have to do that with the caravan. With tollways and freeways it’s certainly much easier now to skirt the city or go under it. I must say that we still get excited about bypassing Sydney on the M7 and it will be even better when the … Continue reading Bypassing Melbourne via the B300

Everyone needs a second kitchen at Chrissie

How many times have you run about like a headless chook at Christmas looking for more fridge space? There’s nothing better than a stinking hot Chrissie but where do you put the oysters, prawns, bugs and crays? The kitchen fridge is groaning with salads and nibbles and of course the cheeses. (note the pun control there) Then there’s the pavs and the puddings, berries and cherries. The solution is at hand and it’s not the fridge out the back (insert shed, deck, patio) ‘cos that’s full of bubbles and beers. It’s the caravan! A fully stocked pantry of all the … Continue reading Everyone needs a second kitchen at Chrissie

Step routines

At Happy Hour somewhere, we debate the odds of breaking an ankle on the step well. Now we’ve heard of people falling out of caravan doors and we’ve even seen folks hobbling into camp kitchens bruised and broken but not wanting to miss out on their red wine and steak. Woody too has gone face first, splat on the ground thanks to the seemingly sturdy chequer-plate box-step that came with our van. It might look caravan cool but it has now been relegated to the shed, replaced by a more practical step with non-slip sturdy angled legs. Our door is … Continue reading Step routines

What, 4 degrees out?!

Mar 2018, Adelaide, SA I don’t know about you, but when we’re on a caravan park concrete slab we don’t bother to check if we’re level. We just assume that the slab is perfect and they normally are. Except one night in Adelaide camped only a few vans from the beach, when I got up to go to the bathroom and… walked into the fridge. I’m quite sure that the slab was level when it was laid but nature and the sand had other plans. Great spot though! Continue reading What, 4 degrees out?!

Leave your expensive swimwear at home

Be they bathers, swimmers, togs, cossies or whatever else swimwear is called in your part of Oz, there’s no point in buying flash bathing costumes for caravanning. One day you’ll be flouncing about in a nice swimming pool under swaying palms and an ornamental waterfall and the next you’ll be scrambling across muddy rocks to throw yourself under a real waterfall. Then there are ocean swims, farm dams with oozy mud and cow pats, clear mountain streams, mud between your toes in the Murray and boiling hot artesian bores. As much as I care for our bathers and rinse out … Continue reading Leave your expensive swimwear at home