Wonder Woman

The Tarwin Lower pub in Victoria overlooks the muddy reed banks of the Tarwin River. Between the bar and the lounge there is a fabulous triple fireplace. The three brick chimneys entwine and twist toward the ceiling. Two old codgers sit silently at the bar. On the dot of noon a breezy young barmaid flies through the front door and they both burst into animated conversation. It’s amazing what a woman can do. Continue reading Wonder Woman

A Top Pub

A cold wet and wintry afternoon is saved by an exceptional dinner at The Top Pub in Uralla, NSW. Like Country Life magazine, an elegant dining room warmed by an open fire, good wine, good food and that reserved New England feel. The kitchen has obviously been outsourced to a good chef and Woody complains that he must pay for the meal at one window and the drinks at the bar. The polite and efficient waitress agrees with “Yeah, it really gives you the shits doesn’t it.” Continue reading A Top Pub

Gastro Pubs

We were in the north of Western Australia and chatting with friends that we’d met on the road. They were from Perth and were talking longingly of visiting Melbourne. “Oh”, we cry with delight “We must take you to a gastro pub.” Our new friends stare at us in shock and horror. Melburnians are indeed proud of their Gastro pubs. Tired old hotels are given a makeover and a top chef is employed to produce high quality gastronomic meals. Fine food is served in a pleasant and somewhat refined atmosphere and patrons will happily travel across town just to judge … Continue reading Gastro Pubs

Explaining the Aussie Parma

A meal in an Aussie pub has always been somewhere that one can get a decent steak with chips or a damned good roast. The fish and chips have always been a mainstay but in more recent times, over the last 20 years or so, there has been an interloper. The Parma. Based on the Italian Veal Parmigiana the Aussie Parma has morphed into a square meal of grand proportions. It is best described as a flattened and crumbed chicken breast smothered in a tomato based sauce and topped with grilled cheese. Sometimes you may find a thin slice of … Continue reading Explaining the Aussie Parma