When a pub burns down

Gayndah, Qld Found near the footpath in Gayndah, this memorial would bring back so many memories for the local community. After all a large piece of a town’s history is held in the pub. The good times, the bad, the memories and the memorabilia. The footy wins and lossses. The births, the deaths and the wakes. So much beer and so many raspberry lemonades for the kiddies. Continue reading When a pub burns down

Follow the Sun, Day 6 – Nindigully

Day 6, Friday 19/7/2019 Lightning Ridge – Nindigully, 6 – 18 Our fingers are cold but it is a glorious morning. Small red ant hills are dotted through the Mulga scrub. The road is quiet, a few wandering sheep and a lot of roadkill, all kangaroos. The crows are busy feasting on the carcasses. We cross into Queensland at Hebel and notice that the iconic pub now allows RV camping, good on ‘em. Around Dirranbandi there are Roos feeding on the roadside grass and a lot of roadkill. We pull up out front of the Nindigully Pub beside the Moonie … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 6 – Nindigully

The one that got away

Port Albert, Vic On February 12th 2014 we spent the night with friends at the free camp at Port Albert’s boat ramp. We had been hemmed in by fires near Traralgon for several days and were glad when the authorities re opened the highway. Rather than go home we headed to the less smoky coast at Port Albert to get some fresh sea air. Wandering about the tiny town we passed the iconic pub several times but didn’t make it in for a beer. “Oh well there’s always next time.” But next time didn’t come. On February 17th it burnt … Continue reading The one that got away