Goin’ to the Garradunga

Her doors are all open to the warm breeze in true Queensland fashion. There’s a pair of crossed cane knives etched into her doorstep. She’s been around a while and she’s seen the cane grow higher than high, year after year. This is sugar country and she’s a sugar pub. And inside it’s as dark as molasses. The publican’s missus moves easily behind the bar pulling beers and quickly shoving the glasses into stubby holders to keep them cold. She’s cooking chips for a road worker, “the bridge is out you know”. And lunch for an old geezer at the … Continue reading Goin’ to the Garradunga

Burra Passport Tour – Smelter’s Home Hotel

Guidebook in hand and still engrossed in the history of Burra we stop outside Smelter’s Home Hotel which for a time was operated by Woody’s ancestors in the nineteenth century. A tradesman pops out and suggests that we should meet the owner. Val is a charming lady who knows the history of the pub and of all its publicans. It is Australia’s oldest unrenovated hotel. In the early days when there was a death in the district the pub was used as a mortuary, which has to be better than using the butcher shop. Back when the miner’s dugouts in … Continue reading Burra Passport Tour – Smelter’s Home Hotel

Commonwealth Hotel, Orbost

Sept 2012 We walk up to the Commonwealth Hotel also known as the Top Pub, as opposed to the Bottom Pub at the other end of the main street. It is 5:00pm and it’s Friday. The pub fills with locals who all look way too old to have just knocked off especially with their spreading waists and craggy faces. The cheery young bartender has a luxuriant mop of black hair that would have the patrons envious. The bar has suffered many cheap renovations no doubt performed by some of the old locals now breasting the bar. Under the counter, beer … Continue reading Commonwealth Hotel, Orbost

Now that’s a burger!

Older Australians cringe at the thought of an American style burger. Whenever hamburger is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is that it must have a layer of crimson beetroot with egg dripping all yolky through the layers. Pickles? Never! And when it comes to great burgers there’s none better than the famous Nindigully Burger served at Queensland’s Nindigully Pub. This pub is worth going out of your way for and the food lives up to it’s reputation. The burger? Well that will feed a small army of hungry travellers and you can camp out front and sleep … Continue reading Now that’s a burger!