The one that got away

Port Albert, Vic On February 12th 2014 we spent the night with friends at the free camp at Port Albert’s boat ramp. We had been hemmed in by fires near Traralgon for several days and were glad when the authorities re opened the highway. Rather than go home we headed to the less smoky coast at Port Albert to get some fresh sea air. Wandering about the tiny town we passed the iconic pub several times but didn’t make it in for a beer. “Oh well there’s always next time.” But next time didn’t come. On February 17th it burnt … Continue reading The one that got away

Rollingstone Pub

June 2018, Rollingstone, Qld The Rollingstone Pub is on the Bruce Highway. The pub is famous for the old fire engine parked out front which makes it something of a landmark on the Bruce. We partake of the $10 Tradie lunch. Elle tucks into a fine T bone and the rest of us choose rissoles, gravy and chips. How Queensland is that? Rissoles, gravy and chips. One day I’ll scrape up the courage to tackle Queensland’s legendary Crumbed Steak. Continue reading Rollingstone Pub

The Royal Standard

Mar, 2019, Toora, Vic The tiny milk factory town of Toora (If you’re old enough you may remember Tooralac powdered milk) seems to be battling for survival but it’s grand old pub, The Royal Standard Hotel, is certainly punching above its weight. A herd of us dropped in for a Friday night dinner and we weren’t disappointed by the menu. The seafood platter for one is big enough for two. The fish is locally caught and the meat supplied by nearby Foster butcher Prom Meats (whose sausages I’m sure I’ve written about in the past). Yes, good sausages do deserve … Continue reading The Royal Standard

A bevi @ the Kevi

One of our favourite watering holes is the historic Kevington Hotel (aka the Kevington Hilton) at Kevington in Victoria’s high country. Situated on a bend of the winding road that follows the wild Goulburn River ‘The Kevi’ is a welcome sight for the weary traveller. The front bar is a treat, adorned with gold rush photos of days gone by and once neighbouring valley hotels that have succumbed to fire. This is an area popular with deer hunters and on the wall hangs the head of a magnificent deer that wasn’t shot but the victim of a road accident not … Continue reading A bevi @ the Kevi

The Stuff of Pub Walls

Who needs a minimalist pub? Any good country pub worth its salt really should have local history displayed on its walls. Like the curiosity pubs of old there should be plenty to entertain the ‘out of towners’ and help them understand a little about the locals and their way of life. Sepia photos of wool drays up to their axles in mud. Beaming young blokes draped in dead rabbits or staggering under the weight of a fish. Dead livestock nailed to the walls. Heads of deer, snarling wild pigs and crocodiles that didn’t get away. At the Commercial Hotel in … Continue reading The Stuff of Pub Walls

Port Campbell Hotel

The Port Campbell Pub is only a block away from the NRMA Port Campbell Holiday Park. There’s a tang of salt in the air as we walk up the hill to the charming and welcoming old weatherboard. Inside it is warm and cosy and packed with tourists and locals. The meal is a little dearer than your average country pub, but the menu and quality is a cut above too. My braised beef cheeks on mash just fall apart by the forkful and they’re surrounded by fresh and tasty vegetables. A perfect meal to end a day of walking windswept … Continue reading Port Campbell Hotel