Commonwealth Hotel, Orbost

Sept 2012 We walk up to the Commonwealth Hotel also known as the Top Pub, as opposed to the Bottom Pub at the other end of the main street. It is 5:00pm and it’s Friday. The pub fills with locals who all look way too old to have just knocked off especially with their spreading waists and craggy faces. The cheery young bartender has a luxuriant mop of black hair that would have the patrons envious. The bar has suffered many cheap renovations no doubt performed by some of the old locals now breasting the bar. Under the counter, beer … Continue reading Commonwealth Hotel, Orbost

Now that’s a burger!

Older Australians cringe at the thought of an American style burger. Whenever hamburger is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is that it must have a layer of crimson beetroot with egg dripping all yolky through the layers. Pickles? Never! And when it comes to great burgers there’s none better than the famous Nindigully Burger served at Queensland’s Nindigully Pub. This pub is worth going out of your way for and the food lives up to it’s reputation. The burger? Well that will feed a small army of hungry travellers and you can camp out front and sleep … Continue reading Now that’s a burger!

Little River Hotel

This week we popped down to Little River to catch up with caravanning mates who are suffering itchy feet whilst waiting for the kiddies to return to school after the summer holidays. In short we’re all busting to get our camp sites back when the hordes go home. About 50 kms south west of Melbourne and just off the Princes Highway (Geelong Road) you’ll find the sleepy hamlet of Little River. Known to most Melburnians as the place that inspired the name of the rock band… Little River Band. Hidden in the back of town where the tar starts to … Continue reading Little River Hotel

Ky West Hotel

Here’s a small watering hole that most people wouldn’t even notice when passing even though it’s been here since 1896. In bowling green flat land crossed by irrigation channels, acres of corn and dairy cows ‘cos this is known as cow cockie country. Pull up out front, give the door a shove and you’ll be greeted by a friendly bunch of locals and a bloke called Wayne manning the beer taps. Where is it? West of Kyabram in Victoria and a few minutes south of Echuca. Continue reading Ky West Hotel

Poachers Paradise Hotel, Rutherglen

Feb 2016 The mercury hits 42° it is searingly hot and even though the wind is blowing across the lake it feels as though we are having happy hour in front of a hair dryer. We’re in Rutherglen, Vic for a caravan club muster and trying to make the best of it when someone shouts “Why don’t we just go to the pub?” Of course! Why didn’t we think of that? In a flash we’re all up and off across the street to the coolest pub with icy cold beer and huge parmas. Oh heaven. And who says seniors can’t … Continue reading Poachers Paradise Hotel, Rutherglen

Railway Hotel, Dunolly

Spring 2016 The Railway Hotel, yes another one, in the main street of Dunolly is thankfully back in business after having been closed for a year or so. They’re advertising $1 pots until the first goal is kicked in tomorrow’s AFL Grand Final. That should bring the locals in. Back at our friend’s farm we draw the blinds and watch the Western Bulldogs beat the Sydney Swans for their second only Premiership. The first goal isn’t kicked until 12 minutes into the First Quarter and that’s a long while in fast paced Aussie Rules. I wonder how the new publican … Continue reading Railway Hotel, Dunolly

The Wally Pub

Spring 2013 As we enter the mountain encircled hamlet of Walhalla there is a Nova caravan invitingly parked on the lawn amongst the white English daises looking just like an advertisement for caravanning. We have lunch at the Wally Pub sitting on the veranda in the sunshine. There is a flowering plum tree beside us and the pink petals are floating on the warm breeze and drifting through the pub door like confetti. The bees are buzzing and black butterflies are alighting on the blossom. The boys choose a mountainous mixed grill and we girls have an almost as big … Continue reading The Wally Pub