Little Corella

Up in the iron ore rich Pilbara of Western Australia, we spotted this pair of Little Corellas. Their normally off white feathers a delicate shade of pink from the iron ore. In fact just about everything has a coating of pink dust around Paraburdoo and Tom Price. Continue reading Little Corella

Go West, Day 96 – Wyndham

Day 96 Wednesday 10th June 2015, overcast, warm 30. Wyndham We’re woken at sun up by the cheeky corellas, we should be used to this by now but we’re so close to the Northern Territory border that the sun rises at 5:50am and sets at 5:00pm whereas if we were another 100kms East it would be an hour and a half later. It feels like we’ve painted ourselves into a corner.  This little park boasts that it has the largest boab tree in captivity ie it is within the park, anyway it is big and they reckon that it’s about … Continue reading Go West, Day 96 – Wyndham

Go West, Day 94 – Purnululu

Day 94 Monday 8th June 2015, warm around 30 Spring Creek to Purnululu We cross the road and enter the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park which is part of Mabel Downs Station. In doing so we have created a new short distance record of about half a kilometre travelled. The caravan park is quite new and well set out. They do offer a cheap rate for those who wish to leave their van safely just for the day but we have decided to stay overnight anyway.  Dear Veewee today we found a worse road than Fowler’s Bay!!! We unhook Priscilla and … Continue reading Go West, Day 94 – Purnululu

Go West, Day 93 – Spring Creek

Day 93 Sunday 7th June 2015, warm 27 degrees Fitzroy Crossing to Spring Creek Woody goes out for fuel at 8:00 am and gets breathalysed it’s great to see the alcohol restrictions being enforced. The drive to Halls Creek is colourful, we rise up the Ngumban Cliffs and get a view south that stretches for miles. There are lots of mesas and jump ups, red soil, cream grasses and small spindly white trunked ghost gums. There are distant purple ranges and not a town. There is a feeling of remoteness out here and now there are more vans heading south … Continue reading Go West, Day 93 – Spring Creek

Go West, Day 92 – Fitzroy Crossing

Day 92 Saturday 6th June 2015, warm 30 degrees Derby to Fitzroy Crossing Woody is complaining of bruised hands. From breaking the ice crust on his Techni Ice fridge whenever he gets a beer! The highway is lined with treed grasslands. The grass is so high that we only see the cows when they pop out to amble across the road. It’s a cattleman’s heaven as far as the eye can see. Fitzroy Crossing is quite small and a good way back from the river but we are later to learn that the town was moved when the bridge was … Continue reading Go West, Day 92 – Fitzroy Crossing