Follow the Sun, Day 52 – Wooli or wonti?

Day 52, 3/9/2019 Tuesday Chinderah to Wooli, 27 We pull out of the park into peak hour traffic but thankfully most of the traffic is going north to the Gold Coast. Further enhancing my theory that Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast are rapidly merging into one very large city. Woody wants to know where they’re all going. How quickly we forget that some people do work. We’re contemplating this when we start bouncing. Oh shit! Not a puncture. We pull over and check the tyres, the car, the van. Gotcha! Bloody New South Wales concrete roads! We always forget … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 52 – Wooli or wonti?

Follow the Sun, Day 48 Cania Gorge

Day 48, 30/8/2019 Friday, Mulambin to Cania Gorge, warm 26 Another beautiful morning and we quickly slip back into the old pack up routine. There are farewells all round as we’re the first to leave. The others will catch us down the track shortly. It’s already 22 degrees at 9:00am and we call into Rockhampton for a few supplies. Fruit and Vegies at Doblo’s fabulous fruit barn and spelt bread at Allenstown.  We’ve been advised to avoid the New England Highway as the drought has caused Stanthorpe, Tenterfield and Tamworth to be critically low on water.  Thus we pick up … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 48 Cania Gorge

Mulambin Mumblings – Meeting Mates

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld We’ve had a relaxing time in the Yeppoon area with Woody the Elder and my sister in law, the Really Good Golfer but before they head south to the Goldie (Qld speak for Gold Coast, as opposed to Sunny for Sunshine Coast) we’re joined by old mates ‘Double or Nuthin’ Daz’ and his missus ‘Shirley’ (as in “I’m not drinking tonight, my body’s a temple”). The next day we welcome the Prado’s. That’s right, El & Elle Prado, the folks that we set off to Darwin with last June when our engine blew up! … Continue reading Mulambin Mumblings – Meeting Mates

Follow the Sun, Day 25 – Aah, Mulambin

Day 25 7/8/2019 Wednesday 1770 to Mulambin, wet 17 We had a warm night and are just pulling ourselves together when the skies open…”Shit the shoes!” We hadn’t expected rain and the shoes are outside without the protection of the awning. We pack up in steady rain and of course everything gets covered in wet, dirty, grey sand. Now to answer the question, did we love it or hate it? Well, the little town of 1770 and it’s pretty cove was delightful and it was an experience to be camped right on the beach, but the camp ground has to … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 25 – Aah, Mulambin

Follow the Sun, Day 24 – Escape route

Day 24, 6/8/2019 Tuesday 1770 sunny 24 It’s our last day here so having seen what we want to of the area we take it easy, chairs on the beach reading. It’s a hard life. Although the weather here has been good there has been a cool breeze so most of the time it’s been necessary to wear long sleeves or a jumper. Everyday at low tide a large sand bank dries on the opposite side of the creek. Fishermen paddle over in kayaks and do whatever it is fishermen do. I’m assuming that they pump worms but I’m probably … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 24 – Escape route