Million Dollar Views

When we first tried RVing in a motorhome in New Zealand we remarked “How good is this? Parking each night beside beaches, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. It will never be this good in Australia.” How wrong we were. Now we wake to sunrises over the Pacific Ocean, toast sunsets over the Indian Ocean, fall asleep to the roar of mighty waterfalls and wade in icy mountain streams. How good is this? Magnificent! Advertisements Continue reading Million Dollar Views

Just another Monday morning

I race into town, buy a bra then pop into the Echuca Medical Centre, watch a documentary on the Danish royal family and have some stitches removed from my arm by a gentle Indian doctor. Then I realise that I haven’t combed my hair this morning. Bugger, gee this life is relaxing. Back at camp we say our farewells (shit! Have I combed my hair yet?) and hit the road for South Australia. Continue reading Just another Monday morning

It’s the Unpredictability

What do I like most about caravanning? The unpredictability. When I head up my diary page for the day I never write down the destination until we have arrived. We may set out in the morning with plans to drive to a particular place only to discover that it isn’t up to expectations. The descriptions in the brochure may have been exaggerated, they often are. It may be crowded or unlevel or just not have the right vibe. In pressing on we may discover an out of the way place, a gem that we didn’t know existed and sometimes when … Continue reading It’s the Unpredictability

It’s One Big Picnic

I’ve always, always loved picnics. A picnic is one of life’s great pleasures and it’s almost free. Whether it’s a simple sandwich and a bottle of water or home baked quiches, pates, salads and crusty bread enjoyed with a glass of wine it’s all about enjoying the outdoors. It could be in a park, beside a river or on the coast it doesn’t matter because it’s about nature and fresh air. With a caravan, when you find that perfect picnic spot you’ve already got your ‘picnic basket on wheels’ with you. There are goodies in the fridge, wine and beer … Continue reading It’s One Big Picnic

There’s Nothing Like a Campfire

Oct 2015 At about 5:30 in the evening it’s all thunderbolts and lightning with large hail as well. The park quickly becomes a white wonderland and the drifts of hail take hours to melt. We’re all surprised that our vans have suffered no damage. Dazza’s campfire somehow manages to survive the onslaught and around the fire, Maria who hails from Brazil, educates us on the Saints Days of Brazil and how to find a lost iphone. Now that involves jumping three times like a kangaroo and calling the name of a saint that none of us knew even existed let alone … Continue reading There’s Nothing Like a Campfire

Upon Reflection

Upon reflection, I doubt that many would want a repeat of 2017. Dec 2017 While we sat in tranquility at Vaughan Springs breathing in the warm country air a storm crossed high above us, in the very tops of the trees and continued on to Melbourne to drop heavy rain and cause havoc. In the morning we woke to perfect reflections on the still waters of the small weir, passed pleasantries with our neighbours, played on the kids slide and watched insects water ski on the weir. May your 2018 be tranquil. Continue reading Upon Reflection