The Social Set

Life on the road is as social as you want it to be. We find that during our winter trips we often catch up with friends who’ve moved north for good. We also run into mates who are on a different timetable and maybe heading south as we’re going north or vice versa. That planned catch up over a bowl of noodles in Glen Waverley becomes Korean in Canberra instead. Then there are the folks that we’ve met during our travels and who are as peripatetic as we are, if we’re lucky we can meet up in a little town … Continue reading The Social Set

Our Winter of Discount Tents

A summary of our Up the Guts and Follow the Sun adventures (with apologies to William Shakespeare). Overall Summary for our miniscule part of the Up the Guts trip: 3 days and 3 nights 792kms, Fuel cost $271.68 Accommodation $10.00*, or $3.33 per night (*RACV Total Care paid for our accommodation after the car broke down while we waited for it to be assessed, provided a car for our return journey and one nights accommodation on the way home).  Overall Summary for our Follow the Sun trip: 65 days and 64 nights. 8220kms, Fuel cost $1586. That works out at … Continue reading Our Winter of Discount Tents

Follow the Sun – Merton to Home

Day 65, 16/9/2019 Monday, Merton to Home, rain 7- Oops, I forgot to look It rained most of the night. We wake to puddles all around us. It’ll be nice to get home to our other life, but we lie in bed listening to the rain and wonder which one is our normal life. The usually brown hills are a bright emerald green. We fuel up with coffee in Yea and thread our way home through the lush Yarra Valley and that folks, is the end of our winter sojourn.  Summary 168kms and now to unpack and succumb to a … Continue reading Follow the Sun – Merton to Home