Moveable Scenery

I once told someone that the best thing about caravanning is opening your door to a new view each morning. But it’s not only the view that is different. The air smells different, grass hay, the saltiness of the ocean or even cow manure. The atmosphere feels different, warmer, cooler or humid. It’s the sound of the birds (as I write this a caccophany of Currawong song is echoing above), the animals wandering  by. Even the angle of the sun warming my bum as I do the dishes. Every day is different. Advertisements Continue reading Moveable Scenery

A Common Mistake

I sit in the hairdresser’s chair at Emu Park, Qld having a discounted Senior’s trim before our next leg of the trip. It’s a gloriously sunny day outside. A young girl is tidying up the window display of haircare products when she asks “Is it common for a man to ride a horse up the main street?” The hairdresser laughs and replies “Was that a pun?” The young girl looks blank and I’m positively confused. Then the hairdresser explains that the riders name is Col Common and yes, he often rides his horse along the main street and up the … Continue reading A Common Mistake

The Kyneton Pie Relay

May 2018 By the time we arrive in Kyneton,Vic the temperature has dropped to a chilly 11 degrees. The town is busy with puffer jacketed families out celebrating Mother’s Day. We buy a coffee and a particularly good curry pie from Grist Bakery while we wait for our mates to catch up. The pie is so good that we buy one for Elaine and keep it warm on the dashboard using the windscreen demister, as they drive through town Woody stands on Piper Street and passes the pie through the window to Elaine with a perfect relay pass. That would … Continue reading The Kyneton Pie Relay

Where the heck are we?

Every night I wake up to go to the loo and I wonder where the hell we are. In fact I refuse to go back to bed until I actually work out where we are. Between that and the neck exercises sitting on the loo is quite busy. The next thing I know it’s morning and I go through the whole thing again. Cunnamulla? No. Quilpie? No. Burra? No wrong trip. Oh shit I know it’s Cairns…isn’t it? Continue reading Where the heck are we?

Wearing your travels is like collecting stamps

We ask our caravan park neighbour in a South Australian park where he got his beaut ladder from, “In Officeworks, Nowra (NSW)” he says. Which gets me to thinking, my shirt is from Balranald, my jumper from Tamworth, my Jeans from Melbourne, my hat from Yeppoon. That’s hardly Paris, Rome or New York now is it? But wait…didn’t I buy this necklace in Florence?…phew. Continue reading Wearing your travels is like collecting stamps

Million Dollar Views

When we first tried RVing in a motorhome in New Zealand we remarked “How good is this? Parking each night beside beaches, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. It will never be this good in Australia.” How wrong we were. Now we wake to sunrises over the Pacific Ocean, toast sunsets over the Indian Ocean, fall asleep to the roar of mighty waterfalls and wade in icy mountain streams. How good is this? Magnificent! Continue reading Million Dollar Views