Can’t sleep?

Some people count sheep, if I can’t sleep I count the towns that we’ve visited on the current trip. It works every time. Which reminds me of a story we heard in Karijini National Park in WA back in 2015: “At the (Karijini) visitor’s centre we learn about the history of the area and life for the Aborigines after the Europeans arrived. There is a delightful story about a woman who learned to count while mustering sheep, all 29,000 of them.” Continue reading Can’t sleep?

An Open Letter to the newly retired

You’ve just retired, bought a caravan and want to travel Australia? Here are a few things to ponder: Your time is short, make the most of it. If you get the chance to see something or go somewhere, do it. You may not get another chance. Don’t rush. You no longer have to be back at work next week or next month. You probably don’t have to be anywhere. Take your time and explore. Each year you will feel your energy and strength slipping away. On the other hand RV’ers are happier and healthier than those who stay at home … Continue reading An Open Letter to the newly retired

Life’s a Beach

I know I have my favourites but how do you judge a beach? The colour of the sand or the softness underfoot? The angle short and steep like some in the south west or the barely sloping in the north west like 80 Mile beach and Barn Hill where the tide goes out forever. Tiny hidden coves or great sweeping arcs, powdery soft dunes or iron rich red cliffs. Blinding white silica sand like Whitehaven in the Great Barrier Reef or a perfect curving arc like Apollo Bay in the south. Continue reading Life’s a Beach

Geographical Gymnasts

Take one campfire, add a bunch of caravanners and a beer or two, toss in the odd glass of wine. What do you get? A Gaggle of Geographical Gymnasts. Sitting around any campfire anywhere at Happy Hour and the talk will nostalgically lead to places people have been and the good times they’ve had. It goes something like: “We were in Maryborough.” “Which one Queensland or Victoria?” “Queensland.” In that instant all minds have done a zig zag up a mental map of the country and they’re now all focussed on Maryborough, Queensland. You know, just north of Brisbane. Then … Continue reading Geographical Gymnasts