Lunch in the park, any park

We had been meandering down back roads all morning and stopped for a sandwich in a park. This is one of the nice things about travelling with a caravan. Everything is at your fingertips, fridge, freezer and a pantry full of goodies. It is so easy to just pull up and start making lunch with everything that you need with you in the van and a pleasant view to go with it. Advertisements Continue reading Lunch in the park, any park

Leaving for the Winter

Leaving for the Winter Ukulele chords (Apologies to ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’) (G7) Oh the (C) van is packed, we’re (F) ready to go We’re (C) standing here, out (F) side the door (C) Chatting to our neighbour (F) and sayin’ good (G7) bye Oh we’re (C) leaving, (F) going to Queensland (C) Don’t know when (F) we’ll be back (G7) again (C) Oh (F) gee, can’t wait to (G7) go   (G7) Oh the (C) dawn is breaking, it’s (F) early morn Woody’s (C) waiting, he’s (F) blowing the horn (C) Already we’re so pumped (F) that we could … Continue reading Leaving for the Winter

Night Noises

Loch – There’s a possum growling outside our window. Toora – We have a rabbit under our van. I’m calling it Rosemary after the herbs along the fence. A wind farm is on the hill behind us, swooshing like an ultrasound of my heart. Marlay Point – We nod off as waves lap the shore fanned by a stiff breeze. Gillards Beach and Broulee – pounding surf. Albury – traffic, bloody traffic, why did we choose a city? Whorouly – more growling possums, like old men with consumption. Continue reading Night Noises

Can’t sleep?

Some people count sheep, if I can’t sleep I count the towns that we’ve visited on the current trip. It works every time. Which reminds me of a story we heard in Karijini National Park in WA back in 2015: “At the (Karijini) visitor’s centre we learn about the history of the area and life for the Aborigines after the Europeans arrived. There is a delightful story about a woman who learned to count while mustering sheep, all 29,000 of them.” Continue reading Can’t sleep?

An Open Letter to the newly retired

You’ve just retired, bought a caravan and want to travel Australia? Here are a few things to ponder: Your time is short, make the most of it. If you get the chance to see something or go somewhere, do it. You may not get another chance. Don’t rush. You no longer have to be back at work next week or next month. You probably don’t have to be anywhere. Take your time and explore. Each year you will feel your energy and strength slipping away. On the other hand RV’ers are happier and healthier than those who stay at home … Continue reading An Open Letter to the newly retired