Is anyone home?

After reading an American blog about how often beautiful locations are marred by wall to wall RV’s I realise that we here in Australia often forget how lucky we are being able to park close to beaches or rivers or just out in the countryside. If we choose to be on our own we can be and there are thousands of camp sites where we can find peace and solitude. When we first hired a motor home in New Zealand to sample the lifestyle we were amazed to be camped on a river bank on the very first night. Of … Continue reading Is anyone home?

A Celebration in Paradise

July 2016, Cape Hillsborough, Qld It’s Woody’s 70th birthday, we drive into Mackay for lunch and find a friendly Thai restaurant overlooking the marina and have a delicious meal. We can’t complain about the service as there is no one else there. Back at camp we spend the afternoon preparing Woody’s traditional birthday Chinese dinner. You know how people develop strange traditions, well ours is an odd mix of favourite foods. I bake a chocolate cake in our wondrous newly replaced oven then can’t figure out where to put it, the cake that is. The coffee machine is on the … Continue reading A Celebration in Paradise

The Big Rivers

Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by the Northern Rivers region of northern NSW. We once visited a distant uncle in Kempsey and he showed us the flood marks high up the wall, near the ceiling of his furniture store. It was hard for us to comprehend such a flood. Big wide life-giving rivers carrying so much valuable water out to sea for the betterment of prawns. At Taree, the Manning with its delta islands between Manning Point and Harrington. Vast tracts of sand, waterlogged forests of paperbark and oyster farms. The Macleay River at Kempsey, wide … Continue reading The Big Rivers

A Moveable Feast

This winters’ (2018) trip has been a fabulous trip for food. Starting with the winter warming curry pies from Grist Bakery at Kyneton only a few hours from home. The cumquats that we added brandy to at Cunnamulla and are now enjoying 4 months later. In Cairns it was fresh prawns, coral trout and Spanish mackerel from several seafood wholesalers. Along with red paw paw, juicy thin skinned mandarines and sweet giant passionfruit from Rusty’s Market. In Ingham it was Italian smallgoods, imported cheeses and an array of olives from Lou’s Food Emporium and bacon chops from the butcher next … Continue reading A Moveable Feast

Are We There Yet?

I must apologise to regular non Australian readers as I failed to explain some of the local terminology in the last two posts, excited as I was about being in The Outback. Here’s a few explanations: Yowah, an opal fossicking town in Western Queensland. The prize there being Yowah nuts, boulders with opal inside. Donga, an accommodation room in a purpose-built shipping type container, usually three dongas to a container. Often used in mining camps, is it any wonder the occupants of these fly home every month, not to see their families but to experience a real bedroom. Gidgee, a … Continue reading Are We There Yet?

Compare the days

We always mix our accommodation and rarely choose the cheapest for the sake of cost. We tend to choose the best option available for the location. Be it Caravan Parks, Showgrounds, Camp Grounds, Pubs, Clubs, Farm Stays, National Parks or Freedom Camps. Friends who choose only to stay in caravan parks often ask why we stay in other places. This comparison of two consecutive days when pressing on to get home may help to explain our logic. Long distance, tired, pull into a depressing rundown highway caravan park where half the toilets have been locked to save on cleaning, have … Continue reading Compare the days

Moveable Scenery

I once told someone that the best thing about caravanning is opening your door to a new view each morning. But it’s not only the view that is different. The air smells different, grass hay, the saltiness of the ocean or even cow manure. The atmosphere feels different, warmer, cooler or humid. It’s the sound of the birds (as I write this a caccophany of Currawong song is echoing above), the animals wandering  by. Even the angle of the sun warming my bum as I do the dishes. Every day is different. Continue reading Moveable Scenery

A Common Mistake

I sit in the hairdresser’s chair at Emu Park, Qld having a discounted Senior’s trim before our next leg of the trip. It’s a gloriously sunny day outside. A young girl is tidying up the window display of haircare products when she asks “Is it common for a man to ride a horse up the main street?” The hairdresser laughs and replies “Was that a pun?” The young girl looks blank and I’m positively confused. Then the hairdresser explains that the riders name is Col Common and yes, he often rides his horse along the main street and up the … Continue reading A Common Mistake