How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

When we’ve been on the road for a month or so a strange thing happens…my shorts fall off. It has to be caused by the extra walking as every place that we stay in just begs to be walked and explored. I certainly don’t eat less. I find myself wandering about admiring gardens and views, trawling beaches and poking about in shops. All with one hand clutching my shorts. But wait. There is one tremendous advantage. I don’t have to unzip them to take them off. Just a gentle downward tug and they drop to my ankles. Bye bye muffin … Continue reading How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

There’s a Lot to Explore

According to the World Factbook, Australia has the sixth largest land mass on earth. That is a lot to explore without border crossings without the hassles of language or swapping to the ‘other’ side of the road. ‘Bland’ you may say, but oh there are so many cultural differences and more than just football codes. It’s a point to remember next time you surrender your veggies at a fruit fly check point. Continue reading There’s a Lot to Explore

Different Lifestyles

We have new neighbours. The couple on our right are from NSW and have stayed here in Broome fifteen times, I think they like it. And they’ve just sold their house to go on the road permanently. On our left is a couple from South Australia. He’s a retired maintenance man and she was a house mother in a boarding school. They do short term postings at caravan parks and farms, they were even rat catchers on a pig farm. They’re on their way to take up a posting at a cattle station that is run by the Indigenous Land … Continue reading Different Lifestyles

Endless Summer

Is it any wonder that so many Aussies hit the road every year in search of an endless summer? I recently read that there are a million people out there just travelling the country, that’s 1/24th of the population! To wake up to an Australian summer morning is ethereal and they’re doing it every day of the year travelling north to south and south to north chasing the warm weather. Oh the smell of new morning freshness wrapped in warmth and the prospect of a hot day. It’s a sound, it’s a feeling and the warble of a magpie. It’s … Continue reading Endless Summer

It’s Not Just Your Life

Don’t waste your partner’s best years of life by continuing to work just because you don’t know what else to do in retirement. Down the tools, close the books, turn off the computer and walk out the door into … your new life. Be it big or small there’s a rig waiting out there for you and it’ll take you to places you’ve never heard of and will never forget. Yes, Gulargambone is calling you! Continue reading It’s Not Just Your Life