There’s Nothing Like a Campfire

Oct 2015 At about 5:30 in the evening it’s all thunderbolts and lightning with large hail as well. The park quickly becomes a white wonderland and the drifts of hail take hours to melt. We’re all surprised that our vans have suffered no damage. Dazza’s campfire somehow manages to survive the onslaught and around the fire, Maria who hails from Brazil, educates us on the Saints Days of Brazil and how to find a lost iphone. Now that involves jumping three times like a kangaroo and calling the name of a saint that none of us knew even existed let alone … Continue reading There’s Nothing Like a Campfire

Upon Reflection

Upon reflection, I doubt that many would want a repeat of 2017. Dec 2017 While we sat in tranquility at Vaughan Springs breathing in the warm country air a storm crossed high above us, in the very tops of the trees and continued on to Melbourne to drop heavy rain and cause havoc. In the morning we woke to perfect reflections on the still waters of the small weir, passed pleasantries with our neighbours, played on the kids slide and watched insects water ski on the weir. May your 2018 be tranquil. Continue reading Upon Reflection

A Caravan Christmas

This morning I finished cleaning the van and hopefully found the last of the tiny pink prawn feelers that hide in grooves and corners just waiting to stink to high heaven. Yep we’re home and ready to go again, when the time and weather is right. With Christmas festivities fulfilled early this year we decided to embark on a Caravan Christmas. Having pleasant but hazy memories of what was to be forever deemed ‘Christmas at Sea’ back in ‘1980 something’ when we tied our trailable yacht to the Paynesville boat ramp jetty and set about cooking and feasting (in a … Continue reading A Caravan Christmas

Peace on Earth

It is the eve of the eve of Christmas Eve, a warm Summer’s evening in Castlemaine, Central Victoria. And like a thousand other parks across the nation, Victory Park is filled with families on camp chairs and picnic rugs soaking up the atmosphere and singing along to the all familiar carols. The sun is low on the horizon and casting its golden glow on the trees. A drummer slipping behind the dais for a slurp of something wet … and cold drops his drumsticks on the ground. Those drummers have a reputation to keep you know. At the front of … Continue reading Peace on Earth

FIFO Travellers

You know the ones and we’re all guilty, they fly in for a few days then fly home and talk forever about when they ‘did’ Rome or Mauritius. Or the cruise ships that once stayed several days in port but these days only give passengers 6 or 8 hours to see a city in its entirety. Oh dear as I write this Woody has just stripped naked and dunked himself in the river! Thinks he’s 17 not 71. Now where was I? Yes, 6 hours in port “Oh yes, we did Barcelona, Kyoto or Vancouver.” The antithesis of this is … Continue reading FIFO Travellers

Are We Losing It?

It’s happy hour and we’re beside a tidal creek where pelicans fish, up and down the river with the tide. You could say that we are a little relaxed. Our mate Vee Wee is cross that the kids haven’t rung to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. Then we realise that Mother’s Day is the following week. Being a senior is a bit like having several Mother’s Days really. Continue reading Are We Losing It?