Who us?

Enjoying the tranquility of Dando’s Campground in the splendid tall timber of the Otway Ranges we light the fire for dinner. As it is building strength a ute load of locals roar in and come over to join us by the fire and say g’day. Three blokes and a young woman are all around 40 and there are a couple of kids in the back of the ute. They tell us a bit about the history of the campground and how one of them, the chap whose birthday they are celebrating was married in a clearing at the back of … Continue reading Who us?

Mt Franklin

About 7kms out of Daylesford in Victoria there is a secret place. A place to sneak off to when the pressures of the city get you down. Just off the Midland highway you’ll find the turn off to Mt Franklin. It looks a bit like a pine tree covered pimple rising out of a yellow wheat field. The road corkscrews up and around the small extinct volcano and suddenly we find ourselves in the shelter of the crater, in a wooded garden. The campsites are well marked on the grassed areas and deciduous trees shelter us. The crater rim blocks … Continue reading Mt Franklin

Court House Hotel, Smythesdale

Mar 2018, Smythesdale, Vic Returning from a month touring South Australia in gloriously warm summer weather… The Glenelg Highway in Victoria is in an appalling state and there are many sections of roadworks. We are detoured off the highway at Lake Bolac and when we eventually return to it at Gabbi Garmin’s insistence we are stopped by a policeman dressed in a pink T shirt who apologises for the lack of detour signs and sends us into the sticks once more. The sky is forbidding and the forecast is for a bout of seriously bad weather. We decide to give … Continue reading Court House Hotel, Smythesdale

Lake King

Feb 2016, Rutherglen Caravan & Tourist Park, Rutherglen, Vic Plovers, herons, magpies and mudlarks. Corellas play in the trees, the lake shimmers and changes by the hour. A pelican spends his day perched on a branch. A mismatched family of domestic ducks swim about. There are purple moorhens and white faced coots and every evening the setting sun reflects pink across the water. Continue reading Lake King