Go West, Day 2 – Charlton

Day 2 Go West Sunday 8th March 2015 Charlton We wake to the smell of the Aussie bush. After walking around town looking at the houses, shops and the river the three of us try to attach Veewee’s new pole carrier to the underside of her new van. Of course, this may seem a simple task to most members of our caravan club but to us climbing Everest would have been easier. We take turns in rolling about under the chassis and groaning while Tillie leaps about giving dog assistance (not). Woody had left the clips from one end at … Continue reading Go West, Day 2 – Charlton

The Empty Esky Tour, Day 20 – Towong

Day 20 Wednesday 11/3/20 Towong Flat, Warm 29 The boys run into town early to get water and supplies for tonight’s burger night. We have another deliciously lazy day in the sun. I spend the morning the sketching the farm across the road. It’s bliss. Woody takes a walk along the river and has to return quietly after he stumbles across a couple enjoying a private moment on the riverbank. Veewee arrives exhausted after a long drive, her poodle co-pilot is a bundle of energy. El Prado cooks the burgers on the barbie and we sit chatting until dark. “I … Continue reading The Empty Esky Tour, Day 20 – Towong

The Empty Esky Tour, Day 19 – Towong

Day 19 Tuesday 10/3/20 Towong Flat, mid 20’s Being a non travel day we have a gloriously lazy morning. When Woody gets up for a shower I open the blind and read in bed watching the river. A rare pleasure. We read in the sun and I write a silly song for our club. The council guys come in to tidy up the park. They mow and snip and leave it looking a treat. After lunch we drive the 6 or so kilometres into Corryong. The town is busy. El Prado has a haircut and a distressing discussion about the … Continue reading The Empty Esky Tour, Day 19 – Towong