Wandering to Whorouly, Day 2

Day 2, 11/10/2019 Friday Whorouly, sunny 20 and a passing storm We girls have a lazy morning sitting in the sun chatting while the fellas join hoses up and fill all the vans with drinkable bore water. It’s a short pretty drive into Myrtleford and we buy some much needed vegetables. We watch a thunderstorm building in the mountains to the east then someone mentions ‘pub’ and we get soaked dashing into the Whorouly Hotel. A warming drink, the storm passes and the boys light two fires for the evening. Two of the guys are duelling generators to run their … Continue reading Wandering to Whorouly, Day 2

Wandering to Whorouly

Whorouly, Vic If you’ Day 1, 10/10/2019 Thursday Home to Whorouly, cool 14 to sunny 20 We stop at Yea for a break and as normal Woody checks each wheel. One van wheel hub is abnormally hot and has a burning smell. Thankfully there is a tyre and brake place just up the road and the mechanic quickly adjusts the rubbing brake. Woody realises that the caravan hand brake had been left on and I realise too late that I hadn’t done my Ten Point check when we left home (to make sure that everything was hooked up properly). A … Continue reading Wandering to Whorouly

You’re going where?

Oct 2019 I visit the doctor, a very young fellow since our old family doctor has finally retired, he was bloody old, the same age as me, and I had been nagging him to consider retirement and a life other than peering into other peoples’ crevices. Anyway, back to the young doc, I suggest that my regular appointment should be stretched out a bit as we’re going away. He asks where and rather than confuse him with ‘Whorouly’ which no one seems to have heard of I replace it with Ovens Valley. The Ovens Valley is quite possibly the most … Continue reading You’re going where?

Follow the Sun – Merton to Home

Day 65, 16/9/2019 Monday, Merton to Home, rain 7- Oops, I forgot to look It rained most of the night. We wake to puddles all around us. It’ll be nice to get home to our other life, but we lie in bed listening to the rain and wonder which one is our normal life. The usually brown hills are a bright emerald green. We fuel up with coffee in Yea and thread our way home through the lush Yarra Valley and that folks, is the end of our winter sojourn.  Summary 168kms and now to unpack and succumb to a … Continue reading Follow the Sun – Merton to Home