I’m a Believer

Late Summer 2018 On the banks of the Campaspe river at Ayson’s Reserve near Elmore in Victoria, the wheatfields across the river are golden stubble. Coots coot and a kayaker slaps gently past. Tree hoppers bounce about on the gum trees and willows dip gently in the river. Somewhere an old fart has his radio just a little too loud, lucky we have the same taste in music. I’m in love, oooh I’m a believer… Advertisements Continue reading I’m a Believer

Fishing Fleet, Lakes Entrance

The Gippsland Lakes have an area of approximately 400 square kilometres. This boating paradise is the largest inland waterway in Australia. Lakes Wellington, Victoria and King can provide days if not weeks of exploration for sailors. The area is serviced by the larger towns of Sale and Bairnsdale but the lake shore towns of Paynesville, Metung and Lakes Entrance are all about boats and marinas, cafes and pubs, wooden jetties, fish (flattie tails of course) and chips. Sea, salt spray and relaxation. And Ninety Mile Beach a seemingly endless stretch of beach protecting this playground from the ocean. Park your rig, … Continue reading Fishing Fleet, Lakes Entrance

Commonwealth Hotel, Orbost

Sept 2012 We walk up to the Commonwealth Hotel also known as the Top Pub, as opposed to the Bottom Pub at the other end of the main street. It is 5:00pm and it’s Friday. The pub fills with locals who all look way too old to have just knocked off especially with their spreading waists and craggy faces. The cheery young bartender has a luxuriant mop of black hair that would have the patrons envious. The bar has suffered many cheap renovations no doubt performed by some of the old locals now breasting the bar. Under the counter, beer … Continue reading Commonwealth Hotel, Orbost

Getting To Know a New Caravan

Jan 2014 Daylesford, Vic As we pack up our camp after our first night in our new van we realise that the car has a puncture. It looks like a rock has pierced the tyre wall. It’s a case of unhitching the van, jacking up the car, changing the tyre, then hitching the van up again. Once the spare wheel is on we nick into Daylesford and do a quick U turn into the tyre repairers. There is a heck of a metallic noise and we discover that we have popped one of our load levellers onto the roadway. Five … Continue reading Getting To Know a New Caravan