Is this the end of campfires?

May 2019, Bridgewater on Loddon, Vic We recently attended a caravan club muster at Bridgewater on Loddon in Central Victoria and who should we run into but mates from northern Queensland who are heading towards South Australia. Sorry map readers, but we caravanners don’t always take the most direct route, anywhere. The late autumn nights here in Victoria have been very chilly and our mates have certainly been feeling it, so much so that they solved the problem. They raced out and bought electric throw rugs. Now they can sit outside under the awning (to avoid the dew) chatting until … Continue reading Is this the end of campfires?

Farewell to a Good Mate

This life of retirement has meant that we have made a lot of new friends in our new found pursuits. The obvious fact is that we won’t be lucky enough to know them for a whole lifetime. Perhaps that is why seniors laugh a lot. They are laughing at the ups, the downs and the inevitabilities. Today we say farewell to a very dear mate, whom we were lucky to meet when we joined our caravan club. A mate who possessed the quintessential laid-back dry Aussie humour that this culture is known for. A man who deserved a gold medal … Continue reading Farewell to a Good Mate

Clean up Oz

Winter 2018, Queensland On an afternoon walk on the beach I meet a woman with a large bag of rubbish which inspires me because the beach looks clean. In minutes I have found three cans and a styrofoam foam tray. I huff and puff trying to remove a chunk of fibreglass from the sand before realising that it may have been the whole boat. In future I’ll carry a knife to cut nets and rope from driftwood but I’m not going to dig up boats. Continue reading Clean up Oz

The Tale of the Mongrel Dog

One hears a lot of unusual stories on the road and this is one of them. They grow a lot of tomatoes in the warm dry heat of Central Victoria. The tomato grower down the road from our mate had a bunch of pickers in and one was living in a nearby shack. The picker had a dog that ran up and down the road constantly barking at all and sundry. All day, every day without a break. Talking to the picker our mate said “It’s a wonder no one has shot that bloody dog.” “I wish someone would.” Said … Continue reading The Tale of the Mongrel Dog

Let’s Keep It a Secret

While slurping away happily on a $5 bubbly beside a Queensland campfire Elle Prado and I chat to a couple who are Victorian vignerons and they shyly tell us that they would love to do more caravanning but their award-winning vineyard has kept them too busy. I have a sneaking suspicion and later do a Google search and sure enough their vineyard supplies a very well known winery with a particular variety of grape. In fact, the best of this variety of grapes in Australia and if you want to try it you’ll have to fork out $130 – 199 … Continue reading Let’s Keep It a Secret

Motor Mouth

Winter 2018, Midge Point, Qld At happy hour around the fire pit we are once more relegated to the newbies position facing the breeze and inhaling the smoke. The blokes are quite talkative tonight as they haven’t been out fishing, it’s been too windy. The talk is competitive but tonight it is fuel prices and those buggers at the Nullarbor Roadhouse, “have they got a cheek to charge those prices!” Talk then drifts onto fuel economy and a verbal battle over who has the best, all Woody can do is smile as no one would believe that a Jeep could … Continue reading Motor Mouth


Aug 2018 You know Aussies are a friendly bunch. As I walk across to the loos this morning a woman asks if we are moving on today. I answer “No” and expect the conversation to end there. Oh no, into the cubicles, still chatting, still asking questions. Somewhat embarrassed I realise that there’s no getting away from the inevitable. Thus in the course of performing our most personal of morning duties we discuss Queensland free camps, Victorian silo art and how we prefer to avoid cities. Washing my hands I call out “Safe travels” and scoot out the door. Only … Continue reading G’day

Drugs and Baby Boomers

An important issue for caravanning seniors is drugs. Before we leave on a long trip we get new prescriptions from our doctor then buy enough medicine to keep us going until we are in a large town or city. As our journey evolves we continue to check our stocks and make sure that we have enough. Woody needs regular blood tests and all that requires is a town large enough to have a pathology centre, they then ring his results through within 24 hours. Though we did meet a guy recently who was so frightened of needles that he plans … Continue reading Drugs and Baby Boomers