Taking Directions

Spring 2014 Leaving Newcastle, NSW, Gabbi Garmin tries hard to take us via the coast road rather than the Expressway. We lose about twenty minutes trying to get back onto the southbound expressway. We ask ourselves why we are heading south as the air smells of exhaust fumes, the traffic noise is deafening then we crawl through the Pennant Hills bottleneck. Eventually, we join the M7 and in minutes we’re away from Sydney and down in the Southern Highlands. 2021 Note: The Pennant Hills bottleneck has now been removed but thanks to Covid we haven’t been game to go anywhere … Continue reading Taking Directions

Capricorn Dancers, Day 15 – Waiting in Casino

Day 15 Thursday 10/6/21 Casino, sunny cool breeze Cool with bright sunshine. There are heavy snowfalls in the highlands of NSW, floods and gale force winds in Victoria. We’re grateful to have dodged that weather. Victoria will ease Covid restrictions tonight but Melburnians will still be limited to a 25km radius. MV and her husband Silicon (he’s a builder who’s always extolling the virtues of silicon) have had their Covid test, emptied their toilet (as per park instructions) and are now awaiting their results. They must not leave their site, so Silicon sits outside shouting to the neighbours (God, he … Continue reading Capricorn Dancers, Day 15 – Waiting in Casino