Please Explain?

I had been waiting for ten years to see the Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool in WA, they are supposedly the oldest living organisms on earth at 3,500 million years (that’s a lot of zeroes). After staring at them for a full half hour I must say that I am still none the wiser. Woody wanted to know if they light up at night! Our mate Dee called them tomatolites. Stromatolites, Hamelin Pool, WA Continue reading Please Explain?

The Ants Reign

Nullarbor 2015 Confused with multiple time zone changes as we cross the Nullarbor Plain we wake at 5:00am and it is broad daylight. When we open the door the flies are waiting and zoom in. Damn I’d only just managed to kill the ants that took up residence in the fridge. Yep that’s right they were inside the fridge busily doing what ants do. Now the flies want my breakfast. We haven’t seen any live animals since the emus around Port Augusta and very little road kill. I think the insects are dominating out here. Continue reading The Ants Reign

Pink elephants? Never!

Our mate El Prado and his dear lady Elle spent a few days at the Jamieson Caravan Park recently. One evening they walked across town to a little restaurant called Mingo’s for dinner, which they tell us is well worth the visit. After an evening of most pleasant inebriation they left the restaurant for the stroll home in the warm evening air. Suddenly a large pig of about 250 – 300kg loomed out of the dark with a certain attraction for our mate El Prado. Much oinking, snuffling and nudging ensued before they reached the safety of their caravan, their … Continue reading Pink elephants? Never!