Burleigh Heads National Park

Burleigh Heads, Qld We have family on the Gold Coast and when there one of our favourite walks is through the Burleigh Heads National Park. A short 3km return walk takes you around the headland and through patches of rainforest between Burleigh Heads and Tallebudgera. There are stunning ocean views to Surfers Paradise in the north and Coolangatta in the south. In the rainforest the antics of the brush turkeys will keep you amused and water dragons can be spotted wandering about in the shade. High above you the steep grassy hillside is strewn with giant hexagonal basalt plugs. So … Continue reading Burleigh Heads National Park

They’re Just Shit Suitcases

Caravan toilets have come a long way and many have wheels on the cassettes that make it easy to take them to the dump point for emptying. We were in Stockton, NSW and things were quite busy with blokes wheeling toilet cassettes back and forth. We even saw a van that had three of them, either those people have a serious medical issue or perhaps they’re just forward planners. Woody who can’t help himself says “Oh look they’re wheeling shit around in a suitcase.” Continue reading They’re Just Shit Suitcases

Lunch in the park, any park

We had been meandering down back roads all morning and stopped for a sandwich in a park. This is one of the nice things about travelling with a caravan. Everything is at your fingertips, fridge, freezer and a pantry full of goodies. It is so easy to just pull up and start making lunch with everything that you need with you in the van and a pleasant view to go with it. Continue reading Lunch in the park, any park

A smaller eco footprint

It’s only when we come home from a trip that I realise how little we lived with on the road. No dishwasher and just a tiny sink in which the dishes must be washed really fast, as the sink plug sometimes leaks. A 9kg gas bottle seems to last us 3 to 4 months for all our cooking and when free camping our hot water as well. We tend to cook lighter faster meals on the road and eat healthier. Whereas at home in the cold weather we do tend to cook hearty casseroles and cakes. To conserve water, showers … Continue reading A smaller eco footprint

Pildappa Rock

Mar 2015, Minnipa, SA When people say that the Nullarbor is boring and best overwith I know that they haven’t yet seen Pildappa Rock. The breeze whispers around this large granite outcrop giving a feeling of complete tranquility. Climbing it is easy and the views to the horizon of wheatfields and the Gawler Ranges is superb. Freedom camping is available so there’s no need to rush, become one with this mighty mammoth and breath in the splendour. Continue reading Pildappa Rock

Noodling at Grawin Opalfields

May 2016, Near Lightning Ridge, NSW The Grawin Opalfields is a short drive from Lightning Ridge (about 80kms) and well worth the visit for the pubs and the humour. If you are a fossicker there are public dumps available to noodlers. Need an explanation? Well the professional opal miners dump their unwanted tailings at a public dump. Amateur fossickers must never trespass on mine sites but they may fossick or noodle at these public dumps. Read the signs carefully and only noodle where it is specifically allowed. Fossickers do find small pieces of opal at these places. I have no … Continue reading Noodling at Grawin Opalfields