Follow the Sun, Day 52 – Wooli or wonti?

Day 52, 3/9/2019 Tuesday Chinderah to Wooli, 27 We pull out of the park into peak hour traffic but thankfully most of the traffic is going north to the Gold Coast. Further enhancing my theory that Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast are rapidly merging into one very large city. Woody wants to know where they’re all going. How quickly we forget that some people do work. We’re contemplating this when we start bouncing. Oh shit! Not a puncture. We pull over and check the tyres, the car, the van. Gotcha! Bloody New South Wales concrete roads! We always forget … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 52 – Wooli or wonti?

Follow the Sun, Day 49 – Gorged Out

Day 49, 31/8/2019 Saturday Cania Gorge, overcast low 20’s To make some room while making breakfast Woody puts the chook scraps out on the caravan drop down table. When we go outside to have a coffee there’s no sign of the bag just a bunch of cheeky currawongs and some fruit peel. Sorry chooks. We study the National Parks map and note that most of the walks seem to start at our park gate. Ok, we’ll do the Gorge View near Dragon’s Cave. It appears to be a short 2.5km, 1hour walk. It’s a warm morning and we wander along … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 49 – Gorged Out

Follow the Sun, Day 48 Cania Gorge

Day 48, 30/8/2019 Friday, Mulambin to Cania Gorge, warm 26 Another beautiful morning and we quickly slip back into the old pack up routine. There are farewells all round as we’re the first to leave. The others will catch us down the track shortly. It’s already 22 degrees at 9:00am and we call into Rockhampton for a few supplies. Fruit and Vegies at Doblo’s fabulous fruit barn and spelt bread at Allenstown.  We’ve been advised to avoid the New England Highway as the drought has caused Stanthorpe, Tenterfield and Tamworth to be critically low on water.  Thus we pick up … Continue reading Follow the Sun, Day 48 Cania Gorge

Mulambin Mumblings – Destocking

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld With all of the recent talk of crackdowns on overweight caravans – Woody woke in the middle of the night and declared that the van should be destocked. “The rice cooker can go” he says “and the spare set of sheets.” This from the man who stores beer in the ‘cellar’ under the settee, in the car fridge, under the bed and in his undie drawer! At last count (or is that stocktake?) there were 70 bottles of the frothy stuff! A man’s not a camel though is he? Continue reading Mulambin Mumblings – Destocking