Confused by Stonehenge…again

Queensland June 2018 On the Thomson Development Road, from Jundah to Longreach, we detour into a tiny dot of a hamlet called Stonehenge and although nothing like its namesake we are once more left bewildered. There is a population of 30 and a good RV camp for bewildered souls to stop and ponder, an Information Centre and the iconic Stonehenge Pub, damn it’s too early to pop in for a drink. Somewhere out in the scrub there’s an over the horizon radar facility that watches our coastline, I do hope that they’re not watching our peripatetic wanderings. Heading off once … Continue reading Confused by Stonehenge…again

Moveable Scenery

I once told someone that the best thing about caravanning is opening your door to a new view each morning. But it’s not only the view that is different. The air smells different, grass hay, the saltiness of the ocean or even cow manure. The atmosphere feels different, warmer, cooler or humid. It’s the sound of the birds (as I write this a caccophany of Currawong song is echoing above), the animals wandering  by. Even the angle of the sun warming my bum as I do the dishes. Every day is different. Continue reading Moveable Scenery

Cunnamulla Fellas

Arriving in Cunnamulla at noon we’re surprised to find a bright cheery oasis of gardens and greenery. We have burgers at The Gidgee Bean Cafe and after having seen very few vans this trip we marvel at the number passing the cafe window. Hello, we don’t even think to ring the van park and book ourselves a spot. We arrive shocked to get the last two sites. No, ‘sites’ is a misnomer. We’re sharing a driveway with a large off road truck thing and on a promise for a river view site tomorrow morning. In trying to shimmy into our … Continue reading Cunnamulla Fellas