Sandy Point Reserve, Hay

May 2018 We set up camp at Sandy Point Reserve on the banks of the Murrumbidgee at Hay, NSW just before we realised that our fridge had broken down. The reserve is on a large swathe of river floodplain with space enough for hundreds of RV’s. The park is neat and tidy with plenty of rubbish bins, BBQ’s, picnic tables, a boat ramp and best of all flushing loos. Town isn’t far away either. It’s also a perfect stopover for Southerners travelling north. We’re going to have to return to this place when we’re less stressed. Advertisements Continue reading Sandy Point Reserve, Hay

It’s a plane

Feb 2018 Wooroonook Lakes (a bit over 200kms north of Melbourne by air) Cortisone keeps me awake until around midnight, the road is busy with trucks, a lonely mopoke calls and Woody’s snoring is in chorus with a thousand frogs. A low roar becomes louder, it’s a plane overhead where probably 300 people are wondering when the seatbelt sign will be switched off so that they can all stand up and reshuffle the overhead locker before settling in with a movie or two then breakfast in Singapore. Continue reading It’s a plane