Childers RV Park

Aug 2018, Childers, Qld The good folks of Childers in Central Queensland have turned their car park into an RV overnighter. It even has a power station for electric vehicles (and you thought Childers was out in the sticks eh!). While you’re there take a walk up the Main Street and buy fresh Kingaroy peanuts in the shell from The Peanut Van at the northern end of town. Advertisements Continue reading Childers RV Park

Lake Tooliorook

Nov 2018, Derrinallum, Vic I’ll bet you thought there was nothing to see in Derrinallum but drystone walls, yet there are 3 freedom camps for the weary traveller. In the heart of town and close to the pub one can camp at the reserve. There’s also Deep Lake where we chose to stay and a few minutes away in what is technically, Lismore there is the much larger Lake Tooliorook, another volcanic lake. Tooliorook is popular with boaties and there is a large campground and a toilet / shower block. Even though we’ve grizzled about the showers and BBQ’s not … Continue reading Lake Tooliorook

Lake Bolac Camping Park

There’s not a lot to see in Lake Bolac, a pub, a store, an information centre. In contrast the crater lake is huge, about 27kms in diameter according to Toothless Johnno who drove around it. The Camping Park is a few kilometres from town and far enough away from highway noise, situated in a well trimmed thicket of eucalypts. There are newly constructed combination toilet & shower bathrooms and fire pits and water taps scattered throughout the park. There is a cleverly designed BBQ shelter with views of the lake from comfortable chairs and there’s a table. A family of … Continue reading Lake Bolac Camping Park

Who us?

Enjoying the tranquility of Dando’s Campground in the splendid tall timber of the Otway Ranges we light the fire for dinner. As it is building strength a ute load of locals roar in and come over to join us by the fire and say g’day. Three blokes and a young woman are all around 40 and there are a couple of kids in the back of the ute. They tell us a bit about the history of the campground and how one of them, the chap whose birthday they are celebrating was married in a clearing at the back of … Continue reading Who us?

Kingston S. E. RV Park

Kingston S.E RV park on South Australia’s Limestone Coast is one of those well-situated parks on the foreshore overlooking the sea. There’s no need to unhitch as it’s only a short walk from the main shops. The camp ground is a large grassy area behind a white sandy beach with a toilet block. Opposite is a long jetty, Marine Parade’s stand of tall Norfolk pines and a fishmonger. There is a 48hour limit. Kingston S.E? Well the ‘South East’ differentiates it from South Australia’s other Kingston on the Murray River.   Continue reading Kingston S. E. RV Park

Mt Franklin

About 7kms out of Daylesford in Victoria there is a secret place. A place to sneak off to when the pressures of the city get you down. Just off the Midland highway you’ll find the turn off to Mt Franklin. It looks a bit like a pine tree covered pimple rising out of a yellow wheat field. The road corkscrews up and around the small extinct volcano and suddenly we find ourselves in the shelter of the crater, in a wooded garden. The campsites are well marked on the grassed areas and deciduous trees shelter us. The crater rim blocks … Continue reading Mt Franklin