It’s a plane

Feb 2018 Wooroonook Lakes (a bit over 200kms north of Melbourne by air) Cortisone keeps me awake until around midnight, the road is busy with trucks, a lonely mopoke calls and Woody’s snoring is in chorus with a thousand frogs. A low roar becomes louder, it’s a plane overhead where probably 300 people are wondering when the seatbelt sign will be switched off so that they can all stand up and reshuffle the overhead locker before settling in with a movie or two then breakfast in Singapore. Continue reading It’s a plane

I’m a Believer

Late Summer 2018 On the banks of the Campaspe river at Ayson’s Reserve near Elmore in Victoria, the wheatfields across the river are golden stubble. Coots coot and a kayaker slaps gently past. Tree hoppers bounce about on the gum trees and willows dip gently in the river. Somewhere an old fart has his radio just a little too loud, lucky we have the same taste in music. I’m in love, oooh I’m a believer… Continue reading I’m a Believer

Our Top Ten Free Camps in Victoria

A friend (Yes G, that’s you) recently asked if I would put together a list of our favourite free camps. Here are the ones that we’ve stayed at and that always spring to mind when we think of introducing people to free camping. Before someone says “But what about Nug Nug” Each of these is totally free although there are other temptations to be had at Brown Brothers. Skipworth Reserve, Jamieson I’ve posted several stories about the beauty of this place. Well maintained level sites, good drop toilets, fire pits, friendly birdlife, a gurgling mountain stream and only 4kms from … Continue reading Our Top Ten Free Camps in Victoria