In the Dinosaur Triangle

June 2018 It’s a cold morning and we have a long drive ahead of us. This westerly route to Longreach is shorter but there are fewer towns. As we listen to the local radio they are discussing tourism and the dinosaur trail. “There is a kronosaurus down there that needs to be excavated.” Says the local expert. It seems that in a short decade or so cattle and sheep have taken a backseat to dinosaurs around here. No longer is cattle the king. Suddenly a hundred galahs wheel in front of us in a cloud of pink and grey, what … Continue reading In the Dinosaur Triangle

Time Travel

Staying in Mulambin on Queensland’s Capricorn Coast, we lazily drive the one kilometre to Causeway Lake for their famous fish & chips. The lake is sparkling in the sun and people are fishing from tinnies and kayaks. It is busy with people having picnics or just strolling. The old kiosk is a remnant from the ‘50’s, timber and fibro cement. Inside it is painted what I like to call Government Green, the colour of school walls in the fifties and the only things new are the drink fridges and the coffee machine, but I’m sure that someone else owns those. … Continue reading Time Travel

Dr Mays Island

Dr Mays Island sits at the mouth of the Elliott River at Elliott Heads near Bundaberg, Qld. Once a part of the mainland what was Dr Mays farm eventually became isolated. It is a treat to watch the ebb and flow of the tide and the patterns that are created in the sand here. There is very little vegetation on the island, a palm, a prickly pear and a few other shrubs cling to this mere hummock. Ground cover plants grasp the crowns of the dunes. Aug 2018 “At low tide and with shoes happily in hand I walk across … Continue reading Dr Mays Island