The old pump house

Mar 2019, Orbost, Vic Orbost in Victoria’s east is situated on the fertile floodplains of the Snowy River. Rich green dairying land with plenty of cotented cows. While everyone is concentrating on emptying their toilets at the public dump point I’m captivated by water control from another era. Yes, over on the Snowy River floodplain is an old pump house. One could say that it’s a much prettier picture than a bunch of blokes lining up to empty their caravan dunnies. Continue reading The old pump house

Juddy’s Hut

Juddy’s Hut is a miner’s cottage in Jamieson, Vic. Like so many of that era (1933) it was built from salvaged materials, note the heavy use of corrugated iron even in the chimney. And the name? Well Jack ‘Juddy’ Hampton lived in the hut for 30 years.  There is more to the story of Juddy though as he fought in World War One. He was accidentally bayonetted in the stomach by a Frenchman while fighting at Paschendaele. After his home was flooded in the 1950’s for the new Lake Eildon, Juddy moved into this hut and resided here until the … Continue reading Juddy’s Hut

Hysterical Societies

I do like a good museum and often you’ll find stories that really explain the culture of a region. One of my favourites is the Katherine Museum and the story of its flying doctor. Another is Cooktown with its impressive collection from each era of its past including Captain Cook’s unexpected layover here when the Endeavour was holed on the Great Barrier Reef. Port Hedland Historical Society too, has a ripper little museum and it is there that I read this story: “Local aviator Len Taplin was once stuck in Broome and, desperate to get back to Hedland to keep … Continue reading Hysterical Societies