3 Way Fridge: A fridge that can run on any one of three different power sources: Gas or 240 volt mains power or 12 volt power supplied the caravan batteries.

Camper Trailer: A trailer that unfolds to reveal a full sized tent usually with a solid floor and pull out kitchen.

Farm Stay: Many farms, cattle and sheep stations offer accommodation for RV’s and campers. The cost usually varies depending on the facilities on offer. It can be an educational experience and an insight into life on the land especially if the owners are hands on hosts.

Fifth Wheeler: A longer caravan that is attached to the tray of a truck or utility.

Free Camp:  Also called freedom camping. A camping spot that is either free or ridiculously cheap. Usually a small donation is made to the local body that maintains it.

Load Levellers: Torsion bars that attach to a caravan A bar and in turn to the car towbar. Fitted by professionals resulting in the caravan and car being level and reducing the chance of sway

Off Road: Roads suitable for four wheel drive vehicles only. Not to be confused with unmade or untarred roads.

Outback: Where every driver waves at you, not just the caravanners.

Pop Tops: A smaller caravan with a collapsible roof that folds down for travelling. The advantages of a Pop Top being a lower profile and a lighter weight.

RV: Recreational Vehicle, the term sometimes refers only to motor homes, fifth wheelers and converted buses. But generally it also includes caravans, pop tops and camper trailers.

The Tip: Cape York.

Tug: Tow vehicle

Whiz bang: A small Kombi type campervan with side door access. So named for the noise it makes when the door is opened in the middle of the night.

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