You’re going where?

Oct 2019 I visit the doctor, a very young fellow since our old family doctor has finally retired, he was bloody old, the same age as me, and I had been nagging him to consider retirement and a life other than peering into other peoples’ crevices. Anyway, back to the young doc, I suggest that my regular appointment should be stretched out a bit as we’re going away. He asks where and rather than confuse him with ‘Whorouly’ which no one seems to have heard of I replace it with Ovens Valley. The Ovens Valley is quite possibly the most … Continue reading You’re going where?

Our Winter of Discount Tents

A summary of our Up the Guts and Follow the Sun adventures (with apologies to William Shakespeare). Overall Summary for our miniscule part of the Up the Guts trip: 3 days and 3 nights 792kms, Fuel cost $271.68 Accommodation $10.00*, or $3.33 per night (*RACV Total Care paid for our accommodation after the car broke down while we waited for it to be assessed, provided a car for our return journey and one nights accommodation on the way home).  Overall Summary for our Follow the Sun trip: 65 days and 64 nights. 8220kms, Fuel cost $1586. That works out at … Continue reading Our Winter of Discount Tents

Up the Guts – Day 7 – Gutted

Day 7 (though I should no longer count the days) Friday 21/6/19 Home in Melbourne Woody returns the hire car. We get word to say that the car and van have left Murray Bridge. We receive an email, a picture of a camel in the wild. Yes, they found one. Saturday 22/6/19 Still at home It’s a cold wintry morning and I decide to have some marmalade on toast. Oh bugger! The half jar of marmalade is in the van, on a truck, somewhere. We get a call to say that the truck has arrived in Melbourne but will be … Continue reading Up the Guts – Day 7 – Gutted

Up the Guts – Day 6

Day 6 Thursday 20/6/19 Bordertown to Melbourne (-1˚Bordertown, 6˚at noon Ballarat, 9.5˚Melbourne) We wake early, to a white frosty car and the realisation that it doesn’t have heated seats. We have a substantial breakfast and a long invigorating walk in Horsham after having lost half an hour to the time zone change. El Prado rings to say that on the way to Peterborough he put petrol in his diesel tank. They had to unhook the caravan and move it out of the way while the car’s fuel tank was pumped out. In the meantime the service station owner baked muffins … Continue reading Up the Guts – Day 6

Up the Guts – Day 5

Day 5 Wednesday 19/6/19 Murray Bridge to Bordertown We didn’t sleep all that well. Both our heads were spinning trying to come to terms with the premature end of a long-awaited trip and what we need to pack to get home comfortably. After a slap up cooked breakfast The Prado’s, Toothless and his Missus head north for Peterborough and it’s a tearful farewell. We concentrate on the job at hand, packing sturdy bags (I’m surprised that I have a wad of them jammed at the back of the bathroom cupboard) with everything we’ll need for the trip home and when … Continue reading Up the Guts – Day 5

Up the Guts – Day 4

Day 4 Tuesday 18/6/19, Murray Bridge, intermittent showers 14˚ We slept well last night, perhaps it was exhaustion after a long day that was peppered with a lot of stress. Being quite a distance from town we catch a cab to Bridge Motors to see what the verdict is on the car. The mechanic shows us a burst coolant hose which he believes would have been hard for anyone to spot when servicing the vehicle. The car? Well that should be ready this afternoon. We breathe a sigh of relief. Toothless and his Missus are back in town and head … Continue reading Up the Guts – Day 4

Up the Guts – Day 3

Day 3, Monday 17/6/19 Mitre to Murray Bridge, morning fog then sunny 1 – 18˚ We wake to foggy bush at Duffholme Cottage Bush Camp and it’s icy cold. Rob delivers our egg order, you can’t get better service than that. Woody stubs an already injured toe and El Prado over excitedly has us on the road at 8:40. Some of us haven’t visited the ablutions block yet and must hold on. We stop for newspapers at tiny Goroke and continue on through more green pastures dotted with fat ewes and yet more energetic white lambs to cross into South … Continue reading Up the Guts – Day 3

Up the Guts – Day 1, On the road again

Day 1 Saturday 15/6/19, Home to Geelong, weather cold. It feels odd leaving home in the afternoon but being a Saturday there are few trucks on the road. The traffic though is reasonable heavy. As we all live in different parts of Melbourne we meet at The Prado’s son’s (For ease I’ll call our hosts ‘The Truckers’ as they have a trucking business) farm at 3:00pm and find that there is plenty of room to park our vans out the back with power, such a luxury. The Truckers are wonderful hosts and have a large shed with a cosy woodfire. … Continue reading Up the Guts – Day 1, On the road again