Soggy as…

Fellow travel bloggers, you know the feeling when you think “God what am I going to write about this place?”. And it dawns on you that that is the very story. Spring 2018, Somewhere in West Gippsland, Vic Our caravan club September Muster had been planned for Griffith in Southern NSW but was quickly changed to nearby West Gippsland when most members voted not to drive north when they’d only just returned from up that way in their long winter travels. The selected caravan park had been a charming spot when visited nine years earlier. A few members were wandering … Continue reading Soggy as…

Motor Mouth

Winter 2018, Midge Point, Qld At happy hour around the fire pit we are once more relegated to the newbies position facing the breeze and inhaling the smoke. The blokes are quite talkative tonight as they haven’t been out fishing, it’s been too windy. The talk is competitive but tonight it is fuel prices and those buggers at the Nullarbor Roadhouse, “have they got a cheek to charge those prices!” Talk then drifts onto fuel economy and a verbal battle over who has the best, all Woody can do is smile as no one would believe that a Jeep could … Continue reading Motor Mouth

Where Sheds Count

Winter 2018, Midge Point, Qld Once more we wake to a magnificent morning but with a rather cool breeze. Woody is excited about seeing the Midge Market so we walk across the park. One sausage sizzle does not a market make. There are six stalls and a bunch of shivering locals bemoaning winter. We’re not captivated by wood carvings and have a van full of home-made soap so we walk around town checking out the real estate options. We notice that there’s a certain priority in this town. The best house in town is up for sale. It has a … Continue reading Where Sheds Count

Heartbroken at the Creekside Hotel

May 2018 We’ve just arrived at Warracknabeal in Victoria’s Wimmera for a caravan club muster and our dodgy bathroom drawer has done another backflip, this time emptying everything onto the floor. While Woody directs caravans into parking spots I’m on my knees picking his heart tablets out of the floor rug. Then rain disrupts our happy hour and sends us scurrying off to the pub early. The big old Creekside Hotel with its blazing fireplaces is warm and welcoming on this chilly autumn evening and the meals are top notch. Sometimes it’s hard to guess which pub will provide the … Continue reading Heartbroken at the Creekside Hotel