Blue Jobs & Pink Jobs

After a nudge from Jonno and Jo over at Jwalking I believe it’s time that I explained one of the more important aspects of caravanning for couples and that is “Blue Jobs and Pink Jobs”. We tend to have our favourite and not so favourite jobs that we each choose to do. Now I’m quite sure that it does vary from couple to couple and of course also depends on one’s own physical abilities. When we arrive at a caravan park site and have levelled the van we set to work: Blue Jobs Plug into power. Remove load levellers / sway … Continue reading Blue Jobs & Pink Jobs

Caledonian Inn

March 2018, Robe, SA Late in the afternoon I pop into the Caledonian Inn (1858) to pick up a crisp white for dinner. We’ve eaten at this pub many times over the years. We’ve even stayed in what I call their ‘Rooms in the dunes’ cottages that back onto the beach overlooking Guichen Bay. “Lovely day” I say to the young assistant. “It’s a real pearler isn’t it?” She says. You’ve just gotta love The Cally. Continue reading Caledonian Inn


July 2018, Eungella, Qld I had originally planned that we’d stay at the Broken River Bush Camp at Eungella National Park. Fortunately our mates ‘The Sugars’ in Mackay recommended the Finch Hatton showgrounds as the best option for touring the area and I now know why. Finch Hatton is central and the road up to Eungella is steep with a gradient in places exceeding 15%. If you’ve travelled the Waterfall Way in NSW it is reminiscent but steeper. Lined with palms, tiny waterfalls spurt from the rock face and halfway up a road crew are working to repair the edge. … Continue reading Eungella