Yackety Yack, Day 10 – Cudal & Cold

Day 10 Thursday 18/5/2023, Grenfell to Orange, overcast 4 – 10 Brrr Woody walks over to Spannerman to buy coffee and they give him a cappuccino instead of a long black. He’s blowing steam out his ears when a car zooms into the park. It’s the lady from Spannerman with his long black and profuse apologies. Now that’s service! We take the Mid Western Highway up towards Cowra. This is all sheep farms and golden poplars line the road. Cowra is too busy for us to even consider looking for parking spaces, so we push on then, whoops we miss … Continue reading Yackety Yack, Day 10 – Cudal & Cold

Yackety Yack, Day 9 – A perfect view

Day 9 Wednesday 17/5/2023 Grenfell, sunny 4 – 16 Woody went off early for a blood test but the rest of us weren’t going to peek out from under the covers until the sun had warmed things up. Woody returns with a coffee from a nearby cafe. It’s good, so late morning we girls return to Spannerman Automotive & Espresso just around the corner for another. Back at the park and sitting in the sun we wait for what seems like forever for our half-thawed prawn pies to heat in the oven. Mrs Have a Chat goes off to wash … Continue reading Yackety Yack, Day 9 – A perfect view

Yackety Yack, Day 5 – Puppy Training

Day 5 Saturday 13/5/2023 Lockhart to Coolamon, sunny 5 – 20 Because of the short distance we have planned today, we have a late start and don’t get away until 10:00. But before taking to the road we get a call from Elle, with great excitement she tells us that she’s bought a secondhand Windsor Daintree motor home with only 4000 kms on the clock. The stove is a virgin, and it comes with all the chattels. The only thing her motor home needs is a diesel heater. I’m sure we’ll be seeing her soon. The drive along back roads … Continue reading Yackety Yack, Day 5 – Puppy Training