Go West, Day 91 – Derby

Day 91 Friday 5th June 2015, 32 degrees Derby You know that it must be a hot climate when the caravan park washing machines are out on the verandah and folks leave their cars running whilst they go shopping, for the sake of the air conditioning. This is a nice park and there is a large treeless area at the back where vans can be left whilst the owners do the Gibb River Road in their tents. We return to the wharf to see the low tide, what a difference. We can now see how high the wharf really is. … Continue reading Go West, Day 91 – Derby

Go West, Day 84 – Broome

Day 84 Friday 29th May 2015, warm again 34 degrees Broome We have a lazy day just enjoying this lovely caravan park. We have new neighbours. The couple on our right are from NSW and have stayed here 15 times, yes they like it here. In fact they’ve just sold their house to go on the road permanently. On our left is a couple from SA. He’s a retired maintenance man and she was a house mother in a boarding school. They do short term postings at caravan parks and farms, they were even rat catchers on a pig farm. … Continue reading Go West, Day 84 – Broome

Go West, Day 82 – Broome

Day 82 Wednesday 27th May 2015, warm 32 degrees Broome We ‘do’ the Pearling Lugger Tour and sit in an old wharf shed learning about the romance and horrors of the pearling industry of the past. In its heyday there were 404 pearl luggers operating out of Broome harvesting pearl shells for mother of pearl and sometimes they found natural pearls. What a far cry from today’s industry. We were surprised to learn that like in Queensland, ‘black birding’ (a polite term for slavery) was practised to coerce the Aboriginals into doing the shell diving. This was prior to the … Continue reading Go West, Day 82 – Broome