Geographical Gymnasts

Take one campfire, add a bunch of caravanners and a beer or two, toss in the odd glass of wine. What do you get? A Gaggle of Geographical Gymnasts. Sitting around any campfire anywhere at Happy Hour and the talk will nostalgically lead to places people have been and the good times they’ve had. It goes something like: “We were in Maryborough.” “Which one Queensland or Victoria?” “Queensland.” In that instant all minds have done a zig zag up a mental map of the country and they’re now all focussed on Maryborough, Queensland. You know, just north of Brisbane. Then … Continue reading Geographical Gymnasts

Threading the eye of the needle

Bass Strait separates mainland Australia from Tasmania. It wasn’t discovered until 1798 when Bass and Flinders circumnavigated Tasmania thus proving the existence of the Strait and shortening the sailing distance from England to Sydney by 1300kms. However, the discovery came at a price. Bass Strait is only 250kms wide and has more than 50 islands. It is known for being one of the roughest stretches of water in the world. “Bass Strait is both twice as wide and twice as rough as the English Channel.” – Wikipedia There are over 600 shipwrecks on the Victorian coast alone. Not surprisingly sailors … Continue reading Threading the eye of the needle

Lake Tooliorook

Nov 2018, Derrinallum, Vic I’ll bet you thought there was nothing to see in Derrinallum but drystone walls, yet there are 3 freedom camps for the weary traveller. In the heart of town and close to the pub one can camp at the reserve. There’s also Deep Lake where we chose to stay and a few minutes away in what is technically, Lismore there is the much larger Lake Tooliorook, another volcanic lake. Tooliorook is popular with boaties and there is a large campground and a toilet / shower block. Even though we’ve grizzled about the showers and BBQ’s not … Continue reading Lake Tooliorook

Taking the circuitous route

Nov 2018, Western District, Vic It’s hard to leave Port Campbell, not because of the lovely treed caravan park beside the creek and the bracing ocean walks, nor the nearby pub with warming meals but because Toothless Johnno has lost his car keys. We walk about the park with heads down resembling a bunch of scraggly emus while Toothless empties the Landcruiser of camping necessities. Eventually he finds them in the van having put them down to safely stow the TV for travel. Our destination for tomorrow is Deep Lake near Derrinallum a mere 93 kms away and being low … Continue reading Taking the circuitous route