Noodling at Grawin Opalfields

May 2016, Near Lightning Ridge, NSW The Grawin Opalfields is a short drive from Lightning Ridge (about 80kms) and well worth the visit for the pubs and the humour. If you are a fossicker there are public dumps available to noodlers. Need an explanation? Well the professional opal miners dump their unwanted tailings at a public dump. Amateur fossickers must never trespass on mine sites but they may fossick or noodle at these public dumps. Read the signs carefully and only noodle where it is specifically allowed. Fossickers do find small pieces of opal at these places. I have no … Continue reading Noodling at Grawin Opalfields

Loddon River Reflections

May 2019, Bridgewater on Loddon, Vic A meandering pathway follows the river for several kilometres allowing campers to traipse to the renowned Bridgewater Bakery and pub without having to cross the often busy Calder Highway. The walk also provides them with an excuse for buying that big soft fluffy blueberry scroll that was winking at them from the cake display. Continue reading Loddon River Reflections

Noosa and Tewantin

Jul 2017, Sunshine Coast, Qld Tewantin is agreeable to the eye with plenty of trees and people in a hurry. But then this is the town that drives the holiday resort town of Noosa Heads. Tewantin is the business end with solid old Queenslanders, wandering gardens. Accountants, lawyers and supermarkets. Noosa is the pretty face with luxury homes, sparkling white apartment blocks and hotels of gleaming glass, fronting a small but lovely stretch of sand contained by the National Park and the Noosa River. Dress shops and restaurants, canals and crowds. Something must feed this hungry monolith and it’s Tewantin. … Continue reading Noosa and Tewantin

Bring back the Mad Men

Mar 2019, Canberra, ACT We tour the Canberra suburbs and have difficulty with the unusual advertising restrictions, that we later find out have been in place since 1937. Dickson is near to where we are staying and we quickly learn that when a sign says ‘Shops’ one must park the car and walk around said shops to find the shop or supermarket that you are looking for and that the brand of the supermarket might only be displayed inside the building. “Oh look, that one is green it must be a Woolworths.” As this is a ‘walking city’ don’t expect … Continue reading Bring back the Mad Men