Great Ocean Road – Johanna Beach

Feb 2020, Johanna, Vic One of my favourite beaches, I’ll always be up for a stop at Johanna. Leaving the GOR it’s just a short drive through pastures and small farms to experience the feeling of isolation on this windswept … Continue reading Great Ocean Road – Johanna Beach

Finding Skipworth

Nov 2013, Jamieson, Vic We follow the now wild Goulburn River towards the town of Kevington.  Skipworth Reserve is a jaw dropper, one of the best. It’s a large park with shady ash trees and plenty of mown lawn. There are new drop toilets and concrete fireplaces with BBQ plates attached. There is a phone number nailed to a tree for the local wood man who delivers dry firewood, what a good service. The Goulburn River skirts the park and the sound of the rapids and the huge cicadas is both deafening and wondrous. There are about eight other vans … Continue reading Finding Skipworth

A smoky summer holiday

Jan 2020, Mornington, Vic The Mornington Peninsula has long been known as Melbourne’s playground. Safe shallow and sandy beaches on its busier Port Phillip Bay shores mean that young families can throw down a few towels and let the kids run amok in the shallows. Shops, cafes, ice creams and cool pubs are only a short walk away. A perfect place to while away the summer holidays. Continue reading A smoky summer holiday