Most people visit Clare for the wine

Mar 2018 We are up early to meet the auto electrician in nearby Clare. It’s a beautiful drive through rolling hills dotted with sheep chewing contentedly on wheat stubble and substantial stone farmhouses with wide verandas, though difficult for El and Elle Prado as they are closely following our van with its flickering tail lights. As we arrive in Clare, Elle has trouble getting us on the radio and our verbal instructions to her of “breaking now, turning right” are fractured and garbled. We say goodbye to The Prado’s who are heading for home because they have yet another ship … Continue reading Most people visit Clare for the wine

A Hasty Visit to Cooper Creek

June 2018, Western Queensland After about 250kms (from Quilpie) we come to masses of greenery and a sign declaring 10kms of Cooper Creek channels. This is it. In water terms it’s the aorta of Australia’s central river systems. I’m excited, this is what I have wanted to see for so long. Before making camp we drive into Windorah for fuel. There is a sign announcing “No shooting on town common.” Either the locals here are a colourful bunch or this sign is directed at us. We return to Cooper Creek and find ourselves a perfect campsite only to discover that … Continue reading A Hasty Visit to Cooper Creek

Soggy as…

Fellow travel bloggers, you know the feeling when you think “God what am I going to write about this place?”. And it dawns on you that that is the very story. Spring 2018, Somewhere in West Gippsland, Vic Our caravan club September Muster had been planned for Griffith in Southern NSW but was quickly changed to nearby West Gippsland when most members voted not to drive north when they’d only just returned from up that way in their long winter travels. The selected caravan park had been a charming spot when visited nine years earlier. A few members were wandering … Continue reading Soggy as…

More Java Blues

July 2018 We had to make a difficult decision this morning. Our coffee machine was as good as dead. It was 10 years old, was originally my Dad’s and has been bouncing around the country in the caravan for 6 of those 10 years. Yes, it was time to go into to Townsville to buy a replacement while we are close to a plethora of home wares shops. And what better than going shopping when it’s raining. Continue reading More Java Blues

Shredding our electricals

Autumn 2017 In the Murray Valley we head out of town to a camp at Tallangatta Creek which happens to be closed, on our return to town we are tooted by a passing car and realise that our caravan lights aren’t working and the plug is hanging on the road shredded. The local servo tells us that a plug should be in tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. The auto electrician in Corryong is a wizard and does a great job of replacing the plug and giving us tourism tips. He suggests that we use Corryong as a base and drive up … Continue reading Shredding our electricals

Aw Shucks!

Leaving the Eyre Peninsula coast we follow the Flinders Highway north to pick up the Eyre Highway and turn east towards home. We beat into a South easterly wind that alternates from being on the nose to being slightly angled which gives the van a bit of a rolling feel. Woody is grumbling and complaining that he cut himself shucking an oyster and now can’t open beer bottles. Shucks. Continue reading Aw Shucks!