Breakdown Blues – Day 11 – Not what we expected

Day 11 Wednesday 15/6/2022 Trundle to Narromine, an icy 0 – 17 We wake to a glorious morning. There’s a layer of frost and the weather app says it’s been zero degrees for hours. Gee, the bed is warm though. … Continue reading Breakdown Blues – Day 11 – Not what we expected

Of droughts and flooding rains…

Today, I can only quote this one poignant line from the Dorothea Mackellar poem My Country. Our hearts go out to the thousands of families affected by the devastating rains that have lashed South Eastern Queensland and the Northern Rivers area of northern New South Wales. Days of heavy rains have caused unprecedented flooding across the region. If you’ve followed this blog for a while you’ll know that this region of Australia feels like a second home to us. We visit every winter and bask in its mild winter climate. Yet many is the time that we look in horror … Continue reading Of droughts and flooding rains…

What? Jam in your ears?

Feb 2021, Meeniyan, Vic The morning flies by with a lengthy morning chat session outside our van with our mob and our neighbouring campers. While everyone yacks happily Woody is inside the van cleaning his hearing aids. Hearing a swift rap on the window and I run in to find him in a tizz, he’s lost the soft flexible part of his hearing aid and it is jammed deep inside his ear. With tweezers and a headlamp (commonly referred to in this caper as a ‘dickhead torch’) I manage to latch onto it and drag it out of the depths … Continue reading What? Jam in your ears?

Campus Interruptus

Feb 2021, Venus Bay, Vic From our freedom camp at Meeniyan we drive down to the coastal holiday town of Venus Bay in readiness for our February caravan club muster. We are greeted by a grumpy “You’re early!” from the manager (it was 10:10am and most parks open for arrivals at 10:00) and we’re told that there are people on both of our sites who will be told to pack up. There’s no mention of putting us on another two of the many unoccupied sites. We walk the rather bedraggled park and wait. The tent campers pack up and leave … Continue reading Campus Interruptus

Banned on the Run, Day 48 – In hot water

Day 48 Tuesday 28/7/20 Wooli As I make the bed I notice that the hot water fitting is still leaking. We ring Phil Winmill Caravans in Grafton and quickly decide to take the van into Grafton with us when we go in to see the audiologist. As we’re still eating breakfast it’s a mad dash to dress and stow and hitch the van up and be there in time. Grafton is about 50Kms away. Phil is a nice bloke, he fixes the connection in minutes while he tells us how much he loves fitting Chinese diesel heaters. He makes us … Continue reading Banned on the Run, Day 48 – In hot water