Wet T Shirts

Camped in Rollingstone, Qld we had a shower of rain during the night. (Readers please note: a shower in tropical north Queensland seems to be the equivalent of Melbourne’s annual rainfall in a matter of ten short minutes). We raced outside to drop the clears on the annexe and by the time we’d finished unrolling and zipping the rain had almost stopped. All we could do was stand and laugh because I was in a T shirt and Woody in his undies and there we were soaked to the skin and dripping, just a couple of drowned old farts. Continue reading Wet T Shirts

Trump’s word of the day – Leaky

When you are pottering about the house you sometimes don’t even notice that it’s raining. In the caravan you hear every drop on the roof. TV becomes impossible to hear and if it goes on for too long you start to get cabin fever and pray that nothing leaks. In a tent it’s a different story altogether. Shovels are at the ready to dig trenches to drain the water away. Extra tarps are hung from the trees to give more shelter and it’s out with the garbage bag raincoats. For those of you who have been following this blog for … Continue reading Trump’s word of the day – Leaky

Ice Cream Anyone?

A quick walk around town to get the blood pumping after being in the car all day and suddenly we feel exhausted. Thankfully there’s soup thawing in the fridge and ice cream in the freezer. We can barely keep our eyes open to watch My Kitchen Rules so I grab the ice cream out of the freezer…bugger it’s not ice cream at all, the container is a block of ice. Woody has been making big ice blocks for the Techni Ice fridge again! This is not the first time… Continue reading Ice Cream Anyone?

It’s Not All a Bed of Roses

Outside it’s 8 degrees and the fan heater is working overtime. The rain has not stopped since we arrived in Euroa. It’s barely stopped all day. We can’t hear the TV for the noise of the rain. The van has started leaking again and as much as it would be nice to be home the weather is much much worse there. The park ducks have pooped all over our step and it’s hard not to tramp it inside. Damn it all it’s time to throw the second doona on the bed and hope that the creek doesn’t flood. 1:00am the … Continue reading It’s Not All a Bed of Roses

Techni Ice First Aid

We’re having a few reds to toast the sunset when there’s a loud bang. A woman comes running for help and we find that her husband’s hand has been jammed when the jockey wheel of their camper trailer has swung sideways. A fit young man appears from nowhere and lifts the whole trailer, oh to be young and fit again. Woody dashes to the Techni Ice fridge in the back of the Jeep and grabs a chunk of ice to encase the man’s hand. Then we despatch him to Kempsey hospital. Next day he tells us that the hand only … Continue reading Techni Ice First Aid

Under the Weather

My eyes look like oysters My hair feels like string My throat’s full of razors I’ve lost all my zing! We recently spent a totally relaxed week in the high country of Victoria with a bunch of mates. Nothing to do but talk, laugh and drink in the scenery…wisps of woodsmoke on the clean mountain air, a babbling stream and clever chattering birds. All too soon it was time to drive back down to Mansfield to join the rest of our club members for the formal part of the muster. Woody got the van all set up in the caravan park … Continue reading Under the Weather

Tape ? What tape?

The drive up the Hume Highway is quiet and made more enjoyable by a little classical music while Woody snoozes, Priscilla (our van) is humming away behind us. All of a sudden something starts hammering on the roof like hail. I wake Woody (deafness has its advantages), he opens the sunroof blind and says “Oh it’s the tape on the windscreen, it’s come undone.” “Tape, what’s tape doing on the windscreen?” Next thing we’re in the emergency lane, he has the step ladder out and he’s climbing up to put new gaffer tape on the windscreen, while cars whiz past … Continue reading Tape ? What tape?


July 2014 Sat – At 6:00pm we pick up our ‘still working’ mates from Cairns airport, they’ve come to join us for a few days in the sun. On the return drive to Port Douglas the car’s battery light keeps blinking on and off, on and off, we’re all a little nervous as there is nowhere to pull over on the coast road. Mon – Woody takes the car to a local mechanic for assessment and it is found that the alternator has failed. Another one will have to be shipped up from Melbourne. ‘Bill’ the mechanic can’t do the … Continue reading Alternating

A winter foray to warmer climes

What an odd trip this recent one was. Racing like idiots to get north of unseasonal rains in the inland of Queensland and thankful that we were not being battered by the driving rain and damaging high tides that hit the coast. Then being stopped by record breaking rain in Mackay and having to abandon plans to visit two National Parks, Finch Hatton and Byfield. Fair weather turned to an icy cold blast at Jondaryan on the Darling Downs when the Mercury only reached nine degrees. Ha, the sub tropics! We had grand plans to zig zag across New South … Continue reading A winter foray to warmer climes