Breakdown Blues – Days 54 to 60 – Going Troppo

Jul & Aug 2022 Mulambin, Qld We’re walking the local beaches daily and Woody is throwing the weight off. The temperature hovers around the low 20’s. This is an easy life. Walking back from Kemp Beach, I take note of … Continue reading Breakdown Blues – Days 54 to 60 – Going Troppo

Breakdown Blues – Day 10 – Not so Swift afterall

Day 10, Tuesday 14/6/2022 Mirrool to Trundle, sunshine 4 – 13 It feels much warmer this morning. Elle and I have asked the boys if we can make the start time at 9:00am. We’re not getting any younger and the morning hijinks of the boys running around not wanting to hold each other up is getting irksome. We girls, don’t particularly fancy hitting the road half dressed with a toothbrush in hand and hair sticking up while the driver asks whether we turn left or right out of the park and if can we do a radio check, now. This … Continue reading Breakdown Blues – Day 10 – Not so Swift afterall

Just backpacking

Blog chatting the other morning to Derrick over at he commented on our travelling lifestyle. My reply of it being like ‘Backpacking for old farts’ sent my mind reeling. Our diesel heater had decided to stop working after belching out pungent fumes. It was about 6 degrees outside and although we had the electric heater on I was shivering, we were in a town that few have heard of and we only roughly knew where we were headed for the day. My reeling mind spun back to a much younger self humping a heavy canvas backpack down a deserted … Continue reading Just backpacking


The Balladonia Roadhouse is an oasis in the woodlands on the western end of the Nullarbor plain in Western Australia. It has a great little museum that features NASA Skylab junk that crashed to earth around here in July 1979. As the spacecraft came down debris was scattered all the way from Balladonia to Esperance so the Esperance Shire cheekily sent NASA a $1400 fine for littering. Note: Esperance is 400kms away from Balladonia by road and probably half that by ‘aircraft’. Did NASA pay the fine? No. Continue reading Littering