The Balladonia Roadhouse is an oasis in the woodlands on the western end of the Nullarbor plain in Western Australia. It has a great little museum that features NASA Skylab junk that crashed to earth around here in July 1979. As the spacecraft came down debris was scattered all the way from Balladonia to Esperance so the Esperance Shire cheekily sent NASA a $1400 fine for littering. Note: Esperance is 400kms away from Balladonia by road and probably half that by ‘aircraft’. Did NASA pay the fine? No. Continue reading Littering

Capricorn Dancers, Day 91 – Where bananas don’t grow

Day 91 Wednesday 25/8/21 Mulambin to Moura, blue skies It’s sad to be leaving after so long as we’d gotten into an easy rhythm, every day being warm and just pulling on another pair of shorts and a T shirt. We’ve certainly found the warm weather that we’d been chasing. In Rockhampton we stop off at Doblo’s fruit barn to stock up on fruit and vegies and of course we are obliged to have a quick run around Aldi and Dan Murphy’s for grey nomad essentials, bargains and booze. We meet the Prado’s out at the Gracemere turn off and … Continue reading Capricorn Dancers, Day 91 – Where bananas don’t grow