Rollingstone on the Coral Sea

Flotsam and Jetsam One lonely starfish. 10 million peripatetic hermit crabs scurrying and climbing over each other and rocks in search of food and a larger home. Rocks the size of golf balls, no two the same, some red some golden all granite. Sponges scattered on the sand. Tongues of rocks reach out to sea. Chunks, spikes, mushrooms and paperweights of dead coral strewn roughly aside by each tide, cast offs from the reef. Tree trunks water logged and bearing the scars of oysters, blackened by the sea and age. Mangroves flank the shore at the creek mouth. Palms have … Continue reading Rollingstone on the Coral Sea

Coming Home

The feeling of coming home after a long trip can be sweet and sour. Sometimes we’re ready for home, losing our appreciation of the sights. Our senses jaded from trying to take in far too much. Our trip in the winter of 2016 had so many small things go wrong that we were in a constant state of stress thinking what next? Those mounting problems seemed to be punctuated with rain and returning south the cold seemed to be seeping into our bones. Walking in the door at home felt, well, homely. It was nice to have more space and … Continue reading Coming Home

A love So Great

In the town of Dunolly in Victoria there is a plaque erected by the people in honour of Queen Victoria. It reads as follows: June 22nd 1897 Erected by the burgesses of Dunolly In affectionate loyalty to the British throne and empire And in commemoration of the 60th year Of the illustrious reign of VICTORIA Queen of Gt. Britain etc, etc, Empress of India Who rules with beneficent sway over 400 millions Of the human race: On whose wide dominions The sun never sets. A free people we rejoice. ‘She wrought her people lasting good.’ ‘Her court was pure; Her … Continue reading A love So Great

2016 The Year That Was

A New Year’s Resolution I had originally intended to only include stories of our travels around Australia in our caravan but one state is missing out on all of the publicity and that is Tasmania. Not that we haven’t seen Tassie, in fact having had family there we know it very well. We just haven’t seen it from the door of a caravan or camped under the stars. In the New Year I intend to showcase some of the beauty of our southernmost state. My sincerest thanks go to all of you for following my blog and may your 2017 … Continue reading 2016 The Year That Was