Banned on the Run, Day 105 – Talking turkey…

Day 105 Wednesday 23/9/20 Mylestom, warm 26 I’m processing a few photos when I hear banging outside. I look out the window to find a brush turkey beating the hell out of a zip lock bag of bread that I’d left on the table earlier. I chase after him and he takes off, bag in beak, strong legs pounding across the park. Woody goes for a long walk along the river while listening to a podcast when a chap on a first floor veranda calls out to him. The guy had been hosing his veranda when the top door had … Continue reading Banned on the Run, Day 105 – Talking turkey…

Banned on the Run, A splash of colour

Aug 2020, Coraki, NSW Before we leave Coraki, it seems I must speak up in support of the town as it does appear that I tend to photograph those buildings that are most in need of paint, repair and renovation. To warm your hearts here’s a joyous and welcoming home that sports a rainbow of colours… Continue reading Banned on the Run, A splash of colour

Banned on the Run, Day 45 – Huh? is for Hospital

Day 45 Saturday 25/7/20 Wooli, bloody wet 16 After a good night’s sleep Woody is much better but can barely hear with hearing aids. Around lunchtime we drive into Coffs Harbour, mask up and enter the Emergency Department. Our temperature is checked and we pass the necessary Covid questions. A man and his little girl enter. The nurse asks “Have you been to Melbourne or Sydney?” “No” he replies “and I’ve never even been to Melbourne.” “We’ve been to Grafton!” Says his daughter proudly. Woody is checked thoroughly for possible heart and stroke issues and the problem is suspected to … Continue reading Banned on the Run, Day 45 – Huh? is for Hospital

Go West, Day 68 – Karijini

Day 68 Wednesday 13th May 2015, light breeze wispy cloud, perfect for bushwalking Karijini National Park It was as black as pitch last night one of those when you have to feel your way to the bathroom. At the visitor’s centre we learn about the history of the area and life for the Aborigines after the Europeans arrived. There is a delightful story about a woman who learned to count while mustering sheep, all 29,000 of them. We meet the wife of the elder in charge of the park and she talks of the ‘yah yahing’ in government over what … Continue reading Go West, Day 68 – Karijini

A happy new year it’s not

1/1/2020 Readers, you know that I try to keep this blog light and bright and normally at this time I’d be shouting “Happy New Year!” from the rooftops but I find it hard to be positive. As you’ve probably read in your newspapers and newsfeeds and witnessed on your televisions and I direct this to overseas readers, this country is burning, uncontrollably. We watch the news broadcasts with tears in our eyes as towns that we’ve visited and had happy memories of are obliterated. Many of the towns, and that isn’t an exaggeration, many that we visited in 2019 have … Continue reading A happy new year it’s not