Keeping up with the news

When we’re on the road we enjoy listening to local radio though sometimes things get a little hectic. One can be in the middle of what appears to be nowhere and the radio will be telling us about a rather busy local snowdropper (one who steals undies from clotheslines), our mates will be telling us on the CB of a galloping emu up ahead and then someone will ring with some gossip from back home or a great campsite they’ve found heaven knows where. We can be grateful for the lack of traffic sometimes. Here are a few choice ones: … Continue reading Keeping up with the news

Forward Planning

A mate of ours used to have one of those Thule storage boxes on his car roof to carry his caravan annexe. When a nosey bugger asked what he used it for, our mate replied “Mate it’s me coffin, it’ll make it easier for the missus when I drop off the perch.” Continue reading Forward Planning

Mixed metaphors and cool coffee

We’re driving down from Nanango (Bunya country) to Toowoomba on Queensland’s Darling Downs. The sun is shining but it’s only 12 degrees outside. Ew and we’re still in shorts. Woody loves listening to Sydney’s John Laws on talkback radio as we don’t get it in Melbourne. I’m so over it that I threaten that I’ll neck myself if we listen to it one more morning! …On John Laws morning show a woman is mixing her metaphors “This can of worms is going to hit the fan!” I’m laughing so much that I miss out on hearing what the can of … Continue reading Mixed metaphors and cool coffee

The Regulars

Did you hear the one about the bunch of regulars who meet at the same caravan park every year? When they heard that their mates, let’s call them The Smiths, had bought a big new van they had a word with the park manager. The Smiths were the last of the group to arrive and were shocked to find a tap in the middle of their favourite camp site. After much head scratching by The Smiths, Mick the somewhat laid back and cheeky manager strolled over, picked up the fake tap and strolled away amidst roars of laughter. Continue reading The Regulars

Surround Sound

There are six of us and we have a serious amount of chatting to do. We order pizzas because it is pizza night and meet in the camp kitchen. Sadly for us it is also movie night for the kids so we have a movie soundtrack in our left ears, the Saturday night singer in our right ears and some deaf old nomad behind us has turned the TV up to 11 behind us. How can anyone carry on a conversation in competition with Summer of 69, Madascar and AFL footy at the same time?   Continue reading Surround Sound