Love Thy Neighbour

I’ve just had a lady at the door trying to sell God to me. We haven’t had one of those in a long time more often than not it is an Indian student at the door trying to sell Energy, of the gas or electric kind. We produce our own solar electricity and I’m sure that with a few more lentil salads Woody could take care of our gas requirements. Anyway I bid her a good day and wished her luck in trying to find a buyer. At least she could laugh about the difficulty of her task. Which got … Continue reading Love Thy Neighbour


It’s early morning and as I walk along Burleigh Heads beach the voice behind me extols the virtues of buying quality and not being afraid of the cost. I glance up at the multitude of high rise apartments and presume that she’s talking about real estate. As she and her friend pass she mentions that the tights that she is wearing cost $120! And I notice that the quality is indeed so good and so figure hugging that they highlight all of the cellulite in her bum. Continue reading Dimples

A Load of Bull Dust

The red soil of the outback is known as bull dust. It’s red, it’s very fine and once it gets into your car, caravan or even a suitcase it’s almost impossible to clean out. ‘Caravanner’ drives the inland road through WA in the brand new van. He complains to the missus that it’s not dust proof like the old one before realising that he left the roof hatch open causing the dust to be sucked in through the vent at the bottom of the door and out through the roof. They’re still getting the dust out a year later. Continue reading A Load of Bull Dust

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

We had just set up in the caravan park at Sawtell on the NSW coast. It was a lovely sunny day, parrots were chattering in the trees and there was the sound of the surf in the distance. A newish motor home pulled in opposite us and all hell broke loose. Tirades of abuse were hurled at the gentleman driving while wife attempted to guide him into the reasonably sized camp site. Campers peered from windows and from behind annexe screens. No one was game to help and certainly not while language like that was being bandied about and so … Continue reading Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea