Paddle Steamers – A trawl through the archives

I’m quite sure that each of the paddle steamers operating on the Murray is unique. They all have a romantic quality and some, to quote Peter of ‘Peter’s Ponderings’ look like they’ve been built by shed builders. With cabins and … Continue reading Paddle Steamers – A trawl through the archives

Go West, Day 111 – Tailem Bend

Day 111 Thursday 25th June 2015, 14 degrees, overcast, feels like: winter Port Augusta to Tailem Bend The Port Augusta Big 4 certainly was an improvement on the Shoreline Top Tourist where we stayed on our way west. We would stay here again. Under the Port Augusta Bridge if you look carefully on the southern bank on the inland side, there are the ribs of an old boat sunk into the mud. Nearby there is a disused railway turntable with at least eight railway lines fanning out from it. I do hope they restore it. Heavy grey clouds hang above … Continue reading Go West, Day 111 – Tailem Bend

Go West, Day 10 – Cocklebiddy

Day 10 Monday 16th March 2015 Nullarbor Road House to Cocklebiddy We were woken about 5:00am to strong winds, lightning and big plopping rains that wash some of the dirt off the rig. Dramatically the storm quickly passes east across the plain. With tears in our eyes we farewell Veewee & Tillie who are heading home to sort things out. We will miss Veewee’s companionship and wit and Tillie’s big slurpy kisses. Travel safely and get back on the road again soon guys. For the caravanners reading this, the Nullarbor Road House provided us with a great spot for the … Continue reading Go West, Day 10 – Cocklebiddy

Go West, Day 9 – Nullarbor

Day 9 Sunday 15th March 2015 Penong to Nullarbor Road House Green parrots chatter on our roof and I’m convinced that they’re tugging at cables. But Woody is engrossed in his book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so he just mutters “yeah”. I leap naked about the bathroom banging on the ceiling to no avail. Hmm I wonder what will happen when next the TV doesn’t work? We leave early to visit Fowlers Bay just 20kms away. Veewee is about 20 mins ahead of us. The road is marked as bitumen but suddenly turns to badly corrugated dirt. We … Continue reading Go West, Day 9 – Nullarbor

Go West, Day 7 – Pildapppa Rock

Day 7 Friday 13th March 2015 Pildappa Rock It was cool overnight and we all slept like babies. I’m washing socks in the kitchen sink and gazing out across the wheat fields of the Eyre Peninsula while the others are down on their knees pumping up tyres to improve their fuel economy. There is an intricate granite guttering system encircling Pildappa rock to catch the rain runoff. On the top of the rock there are large round ‘gnamma’ rockholes that the Aboriginals once used as a water supply. We spend the day lazing about in the shade of the rock. … Continue reading Go West, Day 7 – Pildapppa Rock