Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

We had just set up in the caravan park at Sawtell on the NSW coast. It was a lovely sunny day, parrots were chattering in the trees and there was the sound of the surf in the distance. A newish motor home pulled in opposite us and all hell broke loose. Tirades of abuse were hurled at the gentleman driving while wife attempted to guide him into the reasonably sized camp site. Campers peered from windows and from behind annexe screens. No one was game to help and certainly not while language like that was being bandied about and so … Continue reading Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Coombah Roadhouse

The Coombah roadhouse is the only roadhouse or in fact commercial building on the 266 kilometres of Silver City Highway between Wentworth and Broken Hill in south western NSW. This used to be known as the ‘Crystal Highway’ because of the amount of broken windscreen glass on the road but windscreens are better constructed these days. To break the monotony on this long straight north south highway, emus dash across the road when you least expect it. Whilst driving one tends to say “oh look there’s an emu running beside us” and before you know it he’s dashing across the … Continue reading Coombah Roadhouse

Beautiful Bellingen

The Bellingen, NSW showgrounds are quite grassy and in need of a good mow when we call in (2013) but there are clean amenities, toilets and showers, power and water. It is a lovely spot and the rainforest is right behind us. The town is only a short walk away across the causeway and there are a couple of other vans around us. The warm afternoon sun is too good to waste so we settle back with a wine and a book. As the evening draws in our neighbour begins to strum his guitar and he is certainly quite proficient, … Continue reading Beautiful Bellingen