What’s Happening in the Rest of the World?

Wyndham, WA is remote in fact it is about as far from Perth as it is from Singapore. It no longer gets newspapers. When the service was stopped they were told that they just don’t buy enough. Over dinner I hear a local declare “I watched the News tonight.” Another replied “Oh I gave up watching TV a long time ago.” I guess what happens in the rest of the world or even in Perth, bears little relevance to the folks out here. In Wyndham especially when you live in a tin bungalow in the tropics over 3000kms away and … Continue reading What’s Happening in the Rest of the World?

Of Time and Tide

The historic Derby wharf stretches out into King Sound in an arc. This was a cattle export wharf in the early days and our van park backs onto what was once the legendary cattle route to the wharf. The causeway across the mud flats that joins the town to the wharf is about a kilometre long and once held a railway line. We arrive at high tide and the pier is busy with fishermen casting lines and tossing crab nets. The wharf cafe is gearing up for curry night. The mangroves are almost submerged in murky water. This place must … Continue reading Of Time and Tide