Sittin’ on the dock at Port Albert

Day Eight Wednesday 12th Feb 2014 Paradise Beach – Port Albert, Vic We had such a peaceful night away from traffic and towns. The only sound is that pounding surf. The air is less smoky. Walking on the beach before … Continue reading Sittin’ on the dock at Port Albert

Sitting Tight

Day Six Monday 10th Feb 2014 Traralgon, Vic We are awake early as we intend to drive home to meet the air conditioning technician to fix a problem with the downstairs air con. But the highway and the Yarram Road are both still closed to through traffic. We may as well relax, at least the smoke has cleared. One of our group is due to have a procedure at her local hospital so they take a back road through the hills and make it home in time. A few others and the ‘cabin’ crew also leave via the back roads. … Continue reading Sitting Tight

Aerial entertainment and heat

Day 3 Friday 7th Feb 2014 Traralgon It’s a hot morning and we all wander about clutching coffees and chatting. We visit the Lifestyle Expo in Morwell but it’s not, as we thought, about caravans so we backtrack to Ray’s Tent City looking for caravan mirrors to replace ours which have developed a severe case of St. Vitus Dance. Woody buys some sandals then we race back to camp to spend an afternoon of swimming in the incredibly shallow pool. Before we know it happy hour has snuck up on us again and all of our members have now arrived. … Continue reading Aerial entertainment and heat