Wet T Shirts

Camped in Rollingstone, Qld we had a shower of rain during the night. (Readers please note: a shower in tropical north Queensland seems to be the equivalent of Melbourne’s annual rainfall in a matter of ten short minutes). We raced outside to drop the clears on the annexe and by the time we’d finished unrolling and zipping the rain had almost stopped. All we could do was stand and laugh because I was in a T shirt and Woody in his undies and there we were soaked to the skin and dripping, just a couple of drowned old farts. Continue reading Wet T Shirts

The Windmills of Jondaryan

The town of Jondaryan on the Queensland Darling Downs has a remarkable working farm museum with hundreds of pieces of farm equipment. Staff and volunteers work passionately to ensure that your visit is memorable and it certainly is when a drover and his sheep pass your window. Not Your Average Caravan Park My Father was passionate about his windmills of which he had many over the years. Thus I grew up under the shadow of one of these tireless machines and can still hear the sound of it the clanking as it pumped water up to the tank. The tank that … Continue reading The Windmills of Jondaryan

Multicoloured Innisfail

Innisfail has a multicultural heritage, Aboriginal, English, Italian, Pacific Islanders, Chinese, Indian to name a few. The heritage is reflected in the architecture. The town hall and shire offices are art deco. The Catholic Church looks as though it has been uprooted from the South Pacific and the brightly painted water tower, that dominates the town, looks Indian. Parking in the palm lined streets is nose first but there is a surprise. There is another row of cars parked down the centre of the street, each facing the direction that they intend to go. This has us baffled and neither … Continue reading Multicoloured Innisfail

Mr Whippy

Home Hill, Qld 2016 Our UHF aerial hasn’t been cutting the mustard lately so seeing that we’re camped directly behind the Jaycar electronics store Woody pops in and buys a new one. Next day……Wow this new aerial is a beaut, we now know that some poor Mum is looking for a playground in Home Hill for her kids and another is going to stop off in Airlie Beach for morning tea instead of Bowen. Commercial radio stations try beating that! Continue reading Mr Whippy

Cyclone Season

From October to March most Australians hold their breath in silent hope that nature won’t be too harsh on us this year. In the southern states the fear is for bush fires. In the tropical north its cyclone season. Sadly once more nature has unleashed a damaging cyclone. Cyclone Debbie is lashing the Whitsunday Coast of Queensland with 260 kmh winds and all that they bring. Our hearts go out to our mates in Queensland. Continue reading Cyclone Season

Rollingstone on the Coral Sea

Flotsam and Jetsam One lonely starfish. 10 million peripatetic hermit crabs scurrying and climbing over each other and rocks in search of food and a larger home. Rocks the size of golf balls, no two the same, some red some golden all granite. Sponges scattered on the sand. Tongues of rocks reach out to sea. Chunks, spikes, mushrooms and paperweights of dead coral strewn roughly aside by each tide, cast offs from the reef. Tree trunks water logged and bearing the scars of oysters, blackened by the sea and age. Mangroves flank the shore at the creek mouth. Palms have … Continue reading Rollingstone on the Coral Sea