Cunnamulla Fellas

Arriving in Cunnamulla at noon we’re surprised to find a bright cheery oasis of gardens and greenery. We have burgers at The Gidgee Bean Cafe and after having seen very few vans this trip we marvel at the number passing the cafe window. Hello, we don’t even think to ring the van park and book ourselves a spot. We arrive shocked to get the last two sites. No, ‘sites’ is a misnomer. We’re sharing a driveway with a large off road truck thing and on a promise for a river view site tomorrow morning. In trying to shimmy into our … Continue reading Cunnamulla Fellas


Ingenia Cairns Coconut Resort is in every way a family holiday destination with even more cabins than the 200+ van sites. It is huge and busy with kids pedalling about. If not for the help of our neighbour we could not have made it into our site. It is beautiful with palms and shrubs and trimmed lawn but on an odd angle to the curving roadway. We dread repeating the process next Monday when we have to take the van north of the city to have the fridge repaired! There’s a cafe, mini golf, water park, two pools, spa, gym … Continue reading Coconut

A Cry in the Night

June 2018 After dinner as we sit outside enjoying the warm Cairns evening a curlew marches up to the caravan fixes us with a beady stare and gives us a serious talking to. Now for anyone who has never heard a curlew, well, it sounds like a cross between an unruly two year old child having a tantrum and a woman being murdered. After a minute of glaring at us and high decibel screaming Mr. Curlew moved on to repeat his performance to the poor folks outside the next caravan. Continue reading A Cry in the Night

Surround Sound

There are six of us and we have a serious amount of chatting to do. We order pizzas because it is pizza night and meet in the camp kitchen. Sadly for us it is also movie night for the kids so we have a movie soundtrack in our left ears, the Saturday night singer in our right ears and some deaf old nomad behind us has turned the TV up to 11 behind us. How can anyone carry on a conversation in competition with Summer of 69, Madascar and AFL footy at the same time?   Continue reading Surround Sound