Bordering on Madness

The New South Wales, Queensland state border is an unusual delineation. At Wallangarra the state border crosses through the railway station platform. At bustling Tweed Heads, NSW in the Summer Time you will find that you can put half of your body in a different time zone as its twin town of Coolangatta is in Queensland and doesn’t partake in Australian Eastern Summer Time, thus it remains an hour behind the rest of the eastern states for nearly half the year. Alcohol isn’t sold in supermarkets in Qld but it is in NSW, so for convenience sake you can duck … Continue reading Bordering on Madness

Pineapple Pete

Port Douglas, Winter 2014 We have new neighbours in a large camper ute that is wider than the site that they are on. While we chat ‘Pete’ starts hacking at the shrubbery, our pretty little dividing garden, and small palms are dug up and despatched to the rubbish bin so that more guy ropes can be pegged in. Hmmm.  After they leave for ‘the Cape’ the management remove a rather large palm tree that Pete has felled in his efforts to create the perfect camp site. At least shrubbery grows quickly in this climate. Continue reading Pineapple Pete

Burns Philp another era

Thanks to Thejuicenut at for alerting me to the fact that I didn’t put up a picture of the charming and historic Burns Philp warehouse in Normanton up in outback Queensland. It looks a little dim as the photo was taken at sunrise during an early morning stroll. Quite possibly we were savouring the coolest part of the day. Continue reading Burns Philp another era

Just to Save a Buck

August 2014 We’re in western Qld and neighbours at the back of the roadhouse are Melburnians desperate for a good coffee but too tight to pay $20 for a powered overnight site. So they lug their coffee machine over to the picnic table and plug into a free power point there. Such a hassle when the poor old roadhouse owners are struggling to make a buck out here anyway. Woody calls these types ‘Tight Arse Tuesdays’. Continue reading Just to Save a Buck