Georgetown up in the Gulf country on the Savannah Way in Queensland is quiet, small and spread out with big wide streets and it’s hot. We buy groceries at the servo / supermarket and vegies at the fruiterer/cake shop. We call on a charming old butcher, he has a small shop with no display case. He cuts the meat on demand as you read from the list on the wall. Hmmm steak sounds good. Woody likes his daily newspaper, but here they are five days old. We scratch our heads because the mail truck has just been through, he doesn’t … Continue reading Georgetown

Kenilworth Showgrounds

There is no caravan park in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Kenilworth, Qld, they don’t need one. The showgrounds are huge and well maintained. When we arrive Brian the caretaker is moving his van under the newly renovated house that comes with the job. Given Queenslanders passion for moving buildings hither and thither I wonder where they moved the house from? We are backed up to colourful bromeliad gardens. There are brand new toilets and showers are just a short walk away. Across the street is Jocks and Frocks laundromat. The brightly painted shops of town are busy and … Continue reading Kenilworth Showgrounds

The Good Old Mountain View

Mountain View Hotel, Little Mulgrave, Qld The Gillies Range road spirals steeply down the mountainside from the Atherton Tableland one hairpin bend after another. At the bottom we have to hit the brakes and turn sharply into the Mountain View Hotel on the Little Mulgrave River. It is so easy to fly past this place. The charming old Queensland pub has a view out over the cane fields towards the mountains. But the hidden treat is the deck out back that overhangs the rushing mountain stream. Above the bar there is a sign for FNQ Lager…”So good you have to … Continue reading The Good Old Mountain View

Fate and Mate’s Mates

By chance we are staying in a town that up until a week ago we’d never heard of. We’re camped at the Bowling Club enjoying the sun and the company of good neighbours. We join them for dinner and it turns out that they hail from West Rosebud, on the Mornington Peninsula and not far from us. The food by the way is great. We spend four days at the Kandanga Bowls Club, soaking up the sun and chatting happily with our neighbours and it takes that long for any of us to realise that one of them went to … Continue reading Fate and Mate’s Mates