A load of old stuff

Winter 2014 The Herberton (Qld) Historic Village has an exhausting and extensive collection of paraphernalia from the Atherton Tableland’s early days. The most fascinating is the fact that most of the buildings in the village are original and have been trucked in from all over the district. It was effort enough towing the caravan through those hills let alone a shop or a school. As we leave the museum some poor woman almost chokes as Woody says “don’t they ever have anything new in these places?” Well I knew what he meant. Advertisements Continue reading A load of old stuff

Getting High on Coffee

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ve probably realised that we really enjoy our food and that Woody can’t survive without freshly roasted coffee. Winter 2016 We spend hours stocking up on supplies in Townsville. And searching for a coffee wholesaler, one of which has their home address listed on the website rather than the business address. We find ourselves driving up near vertical streets on the side of ritzy Castle Hill …with the van on the back. I can’t breathe for fear that we won’t be able to turn around or even go uphill if the … Continue reading Getting High on Coffee

Oh dear it’s Sunday!

Winter 2014 The road works on Townsville’s outskirts leave Gabbi Garmin, Google maps and us in a spin. Old roads have somehow disappeared and new ones have been recently built. Just when we manage to find our way to the city centre the road is closed because of an ‘event’ and there is no detour. We head towards The Strand (the waterfront drive) and discover that this is where the ‘event’ is taking place and we and the van are in the middle of a surf carnival and speed boat races. Every man and his dog is wandering across The … Continue reading Oh dear it’s Sunday!