Step routines

At Happy Hour somewhere, we debate the odds of breaking an ankle on the step well. Now we’ve heard of people falling out of caravan doors and we’ve even seen folks hobbling into camp kitchens bruised and broken but not wanting to miss out on their red wine and steak. Woody too has gone face first, splat on the ground thanks to the seemingly sturdy chequer-plate box-step that came with our van. It might look caravan cool but it has now been relegated to the shed, replaced by a more practical step with non-slip sturdy angled legs. Our door is … Continue reading Step routines

What, 4 degrees out?!

Mar 2018, Adelaide, SA I don’t know about you, but when we’re on a caravan park concrete slab we don’t bother to check if we’re level. We just assume that the slab is perfect and they normally are. Except one night in Adelaide camped only a few vans from the beach, when I got up to go to the bathroom and… walked into the fridge. I’m quite sure that the slab was level when it was laid but nature and the sand had other plans. Great spot though! Continue reading What, 4 degrees out?!

Leave your expensive swimwear at home

Be they bathers, swimmers, togs, cossies or whatever else swimwear is called in your part of Oz, there’s no point in buying flash bathing costumes for caravanning. One day you’ll be flouncing about in a nice swimming pool under swaying palms and an ornamental waterfall and the next you’ll be scrambling across muddy rocks to throw yourself under a real waterfall. Then there are ocean swims, farm dams with oozy mud and cow pats, clear mountain streams, mud between your toes in the Murray and boiling hot artesian bores. As much as I care for our bathers and rinse out … Continue reading Leave your expensive swimwear at home

Info Centres

Regardless of which team they barrack vote for the whingers are always complaining about the government of the day not doing enough for them. Has anybody noticed that in every town of a certain size there is an impressive Information Centre promoting regional tourism? Interesting buildings and it seems that no two are the same. Some grand some small. You will always find enough parking for caravans, clean toilets, maps and guides detailing the attractions in the area along with helpful staff to provide information about local tours, road conditions and things of interest. You can find thoughtful gifts for … Continue reading Info Centres

It’s a Grey Issue

The handling of grey water is a contentious issue for caravanners in this country. Some campgrounds don’t like people to drop their grey water because sullage hoses that aren’t moved regularly can spoil the ground. On the other hand, we’ve seen desert caravan parks that ask visitors to drop their grey water and helpfully move the sullage hoses around their lush lawns and garden beds for us. That said, it was no surprise when I received this text from friends who for privacy’s sake I’ll call Crafty Colleen and Bob the Builder. “We drove into Charleville Bush Camp and a … Continue reading It’s a Grey Issue

Remember nudity when choosing a caravan

The layouts of most standard Australian caravans have the external door situated either between the bathroom and kitchen or bedroom and kitchen. Husbands have a bad habit of opening the caravan door when wives are naked. Let me explain. You’ve just jumped out of the shower and you decide to spread out a bit as the bathroom isn’t big enough to swing a cat let alone your aging boobs. You’re drying yourself, arms and legs akimbo half in the bathroom and half in front of the fridge, when hubby flings the door open as wide as it will go, sticks … Continue reading Remember nudity when choosing a caravan

Mulambin Mumblings – Destocking

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld With all of the recent talk of crackdowns on overweight caravans – Woody woke in the middle of the night and declared that the van should be destocked. “The rice cooker can go” he says “and the spare set of sheets.” This from the man who stores beer in the ‘cellar’ under the settee, in the car fridge, under the bed and in his undie drawer! At last count (or is that stocktake?) there were 70 bottles of the frothy stuff! A man’s not a camel though is he? Continue reading Mulambin Mumblings – Destocking