Watching the weather

‘Keeping a weather eye out’ is a must when caravanning. You are more exposed to the elements and often in unfamiliar weather patterns and conditions. Caravanners from Victoria and South Australia tend to be more conditioned to bushfires than they are to tropical cyclones. In Melbourne it’s simple, the weather comes from the west. We watch Perth and we know that we’ll get the same thing but a little milder in a couple of days and we’ll get Adelaide’s weather tomorrow. On the east coast it seems to come from every direction leaving us totally confused about what to expect. … Continue reading Watching the weather

At least it’s not a red light!

Freedom camping is all about keeping devices charged. Phones and Kindles and iPads and the like must be charged whenever we have 240volt power. When we don’t have ‘town power’ we use an inverter to power up our devices via our van’s 12volt plug. We all have a variety of methods of charging things up and avoiding the dreaded flat battery. When freedom camping the nights are dark, black as pitch. There’s no glow from the microwave clock to light the way to the bathroom and there’s no glimmer of a street light through a gap in the blinds when … Continue reading At least it’s not a red light!

Keep an eye out for poles and whingers

Mar 2019, Broulee, NSW El Prado takes ages to get the van set up in Broulee, then when all unhitched, happy with the level and legs down he realises that he is too close to the power box and can’t unfurl his awning. And it’s sunny. Poor old El Prado is about as popular as rats under the house! To top it off the neighbour is whingeing about someone disconnecting her power and blames us. We’re going to have to give her a wide berth too. Continue reading Keep an eye out for poles and whingers

The Aldi 7 speed camp chairs

Recently Aldi had a special on camping equipment. This is an event that happens a couple of times a year and sends even the most frugal of caravanners into a state of excitement. When we started this particular jaunt Toothless and his Missus rocked up with brand new Aldi Adventuridge camp chairs. These chairs have 7 different seating positions which they both took great joy in demonstrating at each happy hour. With these sort of shenanigans is it any wonder Elle stows her gin in her bra? By the end of the trip Aldi had sold us another four chairs! … Continue reading The Aldi 7 speed camp chairs

Bad habits?

I copped a good hearted ribbing from Peter over at Peter’s Pondering the other day for not untying my shoelaces in my Wet Boots post. I could almost hear my Mum turning in her grave…”I suppose you’ll be putting on shirts without undoing the buttons next!” Guilty, especially those shirts that gape and need to be restrained with a few stitches here and there. After all no one wants to see an old duck’s bra. But I digress. The bane of caravanners is the need for shoes that can be slipped on quickly when leaping out the door backwards. Shoes … Continue reading Bad habits?

Wet boots!

The best reason to pull out your awning is to provide shelter. Shelter from the blazing sun and to keep your boots dry when it rains. Anticipating an early morning start we retracted our awning and retired for the night. An hour or so later a theatrical summer thunderstorm came through. It was warm and muggy and the rain thumped heavily while the clouds boomed, a welcome relief from hot dry bushfire weather. Next morning we were reminded that we’d forgotten to bring our boots in for the night. I guess we’d become used to those hot dry conditions. Continue reading Wet boots!

Load Levellers, why we need them

Load levellers are expensive. Load levellers are often heavy and awkward to handle. The caravan dealer said they weren’t required. My rig is level. My caravan is lighter than my car’s tow capacity. So why do we use Load Levellers? (aka Sway Bars). Well whether your car is fitted with towing airbags to level the load or not, your load levellers have another function and that is to stop your van from swaying by giving it two extra anchor points to your vehicle. At some time you will experience severe winds and you will often be passed by large trucks. … Continue reading Load Levellers, why we need them

Improve your ‘on the road’ reading with Kindle and BookBub

When you’re conscious of space and weight books can be a problem. Not so with a Kindle. You can have hundreds if not thousands of books loaded on your Kindle and ready to entertain you. And reading books on your Kindle is much cheaper than buying printed books. Though I must admit you can’t really exchange Kindles in park laundries. Conserving power is a consideration when freedom camping but if you have a Kindle that isn’t backlit (ie. The screen doesn’t light up) then you can happily read for weeks without needing to recharge the device. A small battery powered … Continue reading Improve your ‘on the road’ reading with Kindle and BookBub