Mulambin Mumblings – Australia? You’re standing in it!

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld With the Prado’s we go in search of Zilzie, it’s the next town to Emu Park and what a great name Zilzie is, wouldn’t you love to tell people that you live in Zilzie? However we manage to get ourselves a little lost. Woody jumps out of the car and asks a local, who’s washing his car,  where we can find Zilzie. The answer of course is “You’re standing in it!” Double or Nuthin’ & Shirley take our advice and visit Byfield. They return to say that they couldn’t find the Byfield National Park … Continue reading Mulambin Mumblings – Australia? You’re standing in it!

Mulambin Mumblings – Cautious Curlews

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld One never tires of the coastal drive between Emu Park and Yeppoon. The sea is sparkling and we can see the sandy beaches on Great Keppel Island. Even though it is Sunday, Emu Park is busy and coffee shop patrons are spilling out onto the street chasing the sun. Writing this I am being watched by a curlew and two lizards. In fact, having most of the day to ourselves we sit in the sun and I spend the afternoon sketching a curlew in a variety of poses. They don’t move much during the … Continue reading Mulambin Mumblings – Cautious Curlews

Lounging in Lightning Ridge

July 2019, Lightning Ridge, NSW Lounging around Lightning Ridge Quite possibly the best attractions in town are the “Three pubs in the scrub” which is a drive out to the Grawin opal fields and its iconic pubs , the “Car Door tours” which entails following the trails of coloured car doors hanging from trees to see the sights of the town and the “Chambers of the Black Hand” a hand hewn underground art gallery like no other. Having got down and dirty noodling for opal and enjoying these tours on our previous visit this time we’re here just for a … Continue reading Lounging in Lightning Ridge