An open mind for the open road

We recently celebrated a caravanning mate’s birthday and the conversation turned to the importance of caravan clubs. Even if you’ve camped before there is so much to learn about caravanning and club members are experienced teachers. For anyone who has sailed there is a similarity to yachting. A steep learning curve, a high regard for safety, always keeping an eye out for the weather and a simple life in a very small space, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Coffs Harbour, NSW. As in yachting, there’s a lot to learn about caravanning. Don’t be afraid to ask for … Continue reading An open mind for the open road

Answering a Few Questions About Caravan Clubs

So, what do caravan clubs do? Our particular club usually meets four times a year for a muster. Sometimes we may have a quick catch up at a local pub for lunch in between musters. Having plenty in common there’s always plenty to talk about. Members aren’t expected to attend every muster as being keen travellers there are always a few vans away on the road or someone travelling overseas. Where are the musters held? At caravan parks and for our group they are mostly in Victoria. Our group is growing in size so the facilities that we look for … Continue reading Answering a Few Questions About Caravan Clubs