Go West, Day 91 – Derby

Day 91 Friday 5th June 2015, 32 degrees Derby You know that it must be a hot climate when the caravan park washing machines are out on the verandah and folks leave their cars running whilst they go shopping, for the sake of the air conditioning. This is a nice park and there is a large treeless area at the back where vans can be left whilst the owners do the Gibb River Road in their tents. We return to the wharf to see the low tide, what a difference. We can now see how high the wharf really is. … Continue reading Go West, Day 91 – Derby

Myall’s Bore

On the outskirts of Derby in Western Australia you’ll find Myall’s bore. It feeds the Southern Hemisphere’s longest water trough. At 120 metres in length, 500 cattle could drink from this trough at the same time. One can just imagine the sight, smell and sound. In the droving days cattle were rested here overnight. The next day they would be moved a few kilometres closer to town to the Dinner Tree, a large boab, where they would be rested in the midday sun before being herded across the endless mudflats to the waiting ship at Derby wharf. Continue reading Myall’s Bore

Of Time and Tide

The historic Derby wharf stretches out into King Sound in an arc. This was a cattle export wharf in the early days and our van park backs onto what was once the legendary cattle route to the wharf. The causeway across the mud flats that joins the town to the wharf is about a kilometre long and once held a railway line. We arrive at high tide and the pier is busy with fishermen casting lines and tossing crab nets. The wharf cafe is gearing up for curry night. The mangroves are almost submerged in murky water. This place must … Continue reading Of Time and Tide