Wandering to the Wally Pub

Day 3, Sunday September 8th 2013 Stratford – Melbourne At sunrise we ride our bikes to the rail bridge, wander the stony riverbed and ride into town. We have another killer breakfast before packing up and driving to Sale, then … Continue reading Wandering to the Wally Pub

The Wally Pub

Spring 2013 As we enter the mountain encircled hamlet of Walhalla there is a Nova caravan invitingly parked on the lawn amongst the white English daises looking just like an advertisement for caravanning. We have lunch at the Wally Pub sitting on the veranda in the sunshine. There is a flowering plum tree beside us and the pink petals are floating on the warm breeze and drifting through the pub door like confetti. The bees are buzzing and black butterflies are alighting on the blossom. The boys choose a mountainous mixed grill and we girls have an almost as big … Continue reading The Wally Pub

Worth More Than Gold, Walhalla

Australia’s Great Dividing Range is the spine of eastern Australia. Stretching for 3,500 kms down the full length of the east coast before turning westwards and dividing most of Victoria as well as influencing the climate. “Ah the weather will improve once we’re over “The Divide.” As we often say, because it is much drier inland of ‘The Divide’. There’s a tiny town called Walhalla nestled in a steep valley in the southern slopes of the Great Divide in Gippsland in Victoria. There are only a handful of permanent residents, less than twenty according to Wikipedia. Yet in its gold … Continue reading Worth More Than Gold, Walhalla