Heartbroken at the Creekside Hotel

May 2018 We’ve just arrived at Warracknabeal in Victoria’s Wimmera for a caravan club muster and our dodgy bathroom drawer has done another backflip, this time emptying everything onto the floor. While Woody directs caravans into parking spots I’m on my knees picking his heart tablets out of the floor rug. Then rain disrupts our happy hour and sends us scurrying off to the pub early. The big old Creekside Hotel with its blazing fireplaces is warm and welcoming on this chilly autumn evening and the meals are top notch. Sometimes it’s hard to guess which pub will provide the … Continue reading Heartbroken at the Creekside Hotel

A True Comfort Station

Warracknabeal in Victoria is quite a large country town in the barley belt. There are impressive hotels and the shops are busy. The intersections are adorned with statues of dogs and sheep and bags of grain. I stumble across a Ladies Rest Room that has once been a shop and now provides a haven from the hustle and bustle. There are sitting rooms furnished with inviting antique armchairs and couches. There are mirrors and sideboards and flowers in vases. For the mums there are full baby change facilities and a sink and a basic kitchen to boil a jug or … Continue reading A True Comfort Station