Go West, Day 96 – Wyndham

Day 96 Wednesday 10th June 2015, overcast, warm 30. Wyndham We’re woken at sun up by the cheeky corellas, we should be used to this by now but we’re so close to the Northern Territory border that the sun rises at 5:50am and sets at 5:00pm whereas if we were another 100kms East it would be an hour and a half later. It feels like we’ve painted ourselves into a corner.  This little park boasts that it has the largest boab tree in captivity ie it is within the park, anyway it is big and they reckon that it’s about … Continue reading Go West, Day 96 – Wyndham

The Fisho’s Missus

The one commercial fisherman sells fish from his home in Wyndham and we have a hankering for a prawn lunch. We walk through the cyclone wire gate, across the dirt yard, between the mangrove tree, dog and an old bath tub on the right and the front end loader and dead car body on top of an orange shipping container on our left into the workshop. We step around the trail bike in bits on the floor and there’s the fisho’s missus packing up fish for the freezer. “Welcome to the processing works” she says. And this front yard is … Continue reading The Fisho’s Missus

What’s Happening in the Rest of the World?

Wyndham, WA is remote in fact it is about as far from Perth as it is from Singapore. It no longer gets newspapers. When the service was stopped they were told that they just don’t buy enough. Over dinner I hear a local declare “I watched the News tonight.” Another replied “Oh I gave up watching TV a long time ago.” I guess what happens in the rest of the world or even in Perth, bears little relevance to the folks out here. In Wyndham especially when you live in a tin bungalow in the tropics over 3000kms away and … Continue reading What’s Happening in the Rest of the World?