An Often Overlooked Treasure

The Rusty Shed cafe in the port of Wyndham, WA is advertising Barra and Chips nite. So we find ourselves sitting under the gum trees on a large timber deck listening to a guy called Brad Martin play guitar and his mate Beno on harmonica. The evening is balmy and the place is almost full. There are a few caravanners and a lot of locals under the stars, beside the rusty old iron fence. The guitarist, a shock of red hair (have you noticed that only red hair is described as a shock), a bushranger beard and bare feet. There’s a cheeky French waitress who flits about the tables and the Barra is beaut and from the local Fisho of course. And our friend Penny thought that this town had been abandoned! One just has to look a little closer sometimes.

Wyndham Map
Wyndham, WA. Source: Google Maps

3 thoughts on “An Often Overlooked Treasure

  1. Great little town Wyndham! We had heard the same scathing reports, but really enjoyed our time there. We visited a couple of times and enjoyed the Rusty Shed Cafe, no musicians but a good coffee and ambiance. The Barra Burger from the 5 Rivers Cafe (now closed I believe) was magnificent and the old wares/souvenir shop at the Port run by an elderly lady was a real gem. We loved the museum too with fantastic history of the town including the history of the cattle industry and the meatworks. And of course the Bastion Lookout and then all the nearby attractions like Marglu Billabong, The Grotto, Telegraph Hill …….


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