Do ye ken? Pardon? What? Eh? Got the gist? Understanding the lingo

When the recently deposed South Australian Premier referred to our Federal politicians as ‘knuckle draggers’ and an electricity generator as having ‘shat itself’ on television a few weeks ago, I thought it maybe worth a look at our own Australian version of English. The Australian vernacular is peppered with some peculiar expressions. When a nation is forged from the meeting of the world’s oldest surviving culture with a bunch of convict outcasts from an over-populated society, well things can only get interesting. Throw in two centuries of refugees and opportunists from another hundred or so countries and you’ll find not … Continue reading Do ye ken? Pardon? What? Eh? Got the gist? Understanding the lingo

What’d you do on Sunday?

“Cleaned sheep dung out of the shower”. Would be my reply. Back in 2016 we had a couple of wonderful days at Jondaryan Woolshed up on the Darling Downs out the back of Toowoomba, but it was cold and wet. The trusty gumboots came out from under the bed and were put to good use, but as we left I just tossed them in a big garbage bag and thought “I’ll deal with you later”. When we hurriedly set up camp down on the Gold Coast I tossed the bag in the shower. Come Sunday morning and in my birthday … Continue reading What’d you do on Sunday?

The Shape I’m In

Enjoying a warm summer’s evening beside the river we get chatting to a couple who live nearby but are spending a few days in their van to see if it is in fit shape for a long trip to The West. Sadly, they seem to think that their trusty old van is in better shape than their marriage and after listening to their jibes and bickering we’d agree that the trip is doomed to failure. If anyone in Western Australia wants a cheap van just keep a sharp eye out on Ebay. Continue reading The Shape I’m In

I’m a Believer

Late Summer 2018 On the banks of the Campaspe river at Ayson’s Reserve near Elmore in Victoria, the wheatfields across the river are golden stubble. Coots coot and a kayaker slaps gently past. Tree hoppers bounce about on the gum trees and willows dip gently in the river. Somewhere an old fart has his radio just a little too loud, lucky we have the same taste in music. I’m in love, oooh I’m a believer… Continue reading I’m a Believer