Fyansford Paper Mill

Nov 2019, Fyansford, Vic On a particularly wintry Melbourne day we packed a picnic and headed to Fyansford near Geelong. Being cold and dreary as well as midweek there wasn’t much happening but we did manage a bit of a poke about the old buildings and got a feel for what must have once been a vibrant industry and thriving community. Though I must admit our picnic lunch in a park shelter did get a few giggles from passing dog walkers.   Continue reading Fyansford Paper Mill

What, 4 degrees out?!

Mar 2018, Adelaide, SA I don’t know about you, but when we’re on a caravan park concrete slab we don’t bother to check if we’re level. We just assume that the slab is perfect and they normally are. Except one night in Adelaide camped only a few vans from the beach, when I got up to go to the bathroom and… walked into the fridge. I’m quite sure that the slab was level when it was laid but nature and the sand had other plans. Great spot though! Continue reading What, 4 degrees out?!