Yackandandah Streetscape

Dec 2019, Yackandandah, Vic We recently spent a few restful days visiting a friend in Yackandandah, Vic. This delightful small town is one of those places that the world forgot for a time and thus now its commercial precinct is heritage listed. Residential streets are adorned with Victorian era cottages and rambling flower gardens. Nestled in a small valley crisscrossed with small burbling creeks it is usually busy with day trippers from the larger towns in North Eastern Victoria. We got lucky, the streets were quiet, the weather was warm, and the town was draped in a pre-Christmas hush. The … Continue reading Yackandandah Streetscape

Yay it’s Yea

Yea, Vic is a great little town at the crossroads of the Melba Highway and the Goulburn Valley Highway and for as long as I can remember (and that’s a long time) it’s always been far enough out of Melbourne for one to need a refreshment stop. There are three pubs, two bakeries and numerous cafes, wide streets and plenty of parking. So popular is Yea for that important stop that it even has two public toilet blocks. There’s room enough to park cars & caravans or cars & boats. Because this important junction town is close to Lake Eildon, … Continue reading Yay it’s Yea

Bypassing Melbourne via the B300

Recently we were camped beside an ex Melburnian who asked how we cross town these days and if we still use Sydney Road. Which reminded me of coming home tired from long weekends only to face a stop start crawl down Sydney Road, then through the heart of the city. Thank goodness we don’t have to do that with the caravan. With tollways and freeways it’s certainly much easier now to skirt the city or go under it. I must say that we still get excited about bypassing Sydney on the M7 and it will be even better when the … Continue reading Bypassing Melbourne via the B300

The Noonday Chook

Nov 2019, Lakes Entrance, Vic We just want to buy a chook from the supermarket for lunch but we learnt yesterday that this particular store only puts the chooks in the display warmer on the dot of noon and now the deli section is jam packed with people waiting to grab their chook. By the looks of the milling crowd they’ll be lucky to have any left over to go in the warmer for the latecomers. Perhaps they should fire a noonday cannon like they used to do in Hong Kong. Continue reading The Noonday Chook

Everyone needs a second kitchen at Chrissie

How many times have you run about like a headless chook at Christmas looking for more fridge space? There’s nothing better than a stinking hot Chrissie but where do you put the oysters, prawns, bugs and crays? The kitchen fridge is groaning with salads and nibbles and of course the cheeses. (note the pun control there) Then there’s the pavs and the puddings, berries and cherries. The solution is at hand and it’s not the fridge out the back (insert shed, deck, patio) ‘cos that’s full of bubbles and beers. It’s the caravan! A fully stocked pantry of all the … Continue reading Everyone needs a second kitchen at Chrissie

Step routines

At Happy Hour somewhere, we debate the odds of breaking an ankle on the step well. Now we’ve heard of people falling out of caravan doors and we’ve even seen folks hobbling into camp kitchens bruised and broken but not wanting to miss out on their red wine and steak. Woody too has gone face first, splat on the ground thanks to the seemingly sturdy chequer-plate box-step that came with our van. It might look caravan cool but it has now been relegated to the shed, replaced by a more practical step with non-slip sturdy angled legs. Our door is … Continue reading Step routines