Lunchtime time travelling

Winter 2018, Warwick, Qld At Warwick the sky is blue and clear but there’s a wintry chill wind, even the statues are wearing woollen scarves. Parked outside someone’s house we dash into the van and do a quick change from T shirts and shorts into warm winter clothes and go off in search of a bakery pie. (Gosh it’s handy towing your wardrobe behind you). Instead of a forgettable bakery pie, we find a snippet of 1950’s Italian Australian history. The Belle Vue cafe, pressed metal ceilings, Laminex tables and matching vinyl chairs and a pretty damned good lasagne. Oooh, … Continue reading Lunchtime time travelling

When a pub burns down

Gayndah, Qld Found near the footpath in Gayndah, this memorial would bring back so many memories for the local community. After all a large piece of a town’s history is held in the pub. The good times, the bad, the memories and the memorabilia. The footy wins and lossses. The births, the deaths and the wakes. So much beer and so many raspberry lemonades for the kiddies. Continue reading When a pub burns down