Leave me alone

May 2018 An icy autumn morning and the bush smells fresh and clean. The Kidman Way has very little traffic but we’ve never seen so much wildlife. Kangaroos, emus and goats and plenty of dead ones too. Woody is up to his old tricks and flat out swatting flies on the windscreen with the back of his hand. This is a long straight stretch and a sign says ‘Welcome to Outback NSW’. Then my phone rings, it’s a crank call from Norway…oh for God’s sake, can’t we just go bush once in a while? Continue reading Leave me alone

Sandy Point Reserve, Hay

May 2018 We set up camp at Sandy Point Reserve on the banks of the Murrumbidgee at Hay, NSW just before we realised that our fridge had broken down. The reserve is on a large swathe of river floodplain with space enough for hundreds of RV’s. The park is neat and tidy with plenty of rubbish bins, BBQ’s, picnic tables, a boat ramp and best of all flushing loos. Town isn’t far away either. It’s also a perfect stopover for Southerners travelling north. We’re going to have to return to this place when we’re less stressed. Continue reading Sandy Point Reserve, Hay