Beechworth Gorge

Dec 2019, Beechworth, Vic Beechworth is such an interesting town that I’m quite sure that a lot of tourists aren’t aware of the gorge. By the time you’ve immersed yourself in gold rush history, walked the shops, had your fill of stylish clothes and homewares and refreshed yourself at an historic pub or two then any mention of gorge would have you dashing off for a long lunch somewhere nice. But no, there is a gorge and surprisingly it’s just behind town. “In Beechworth, we take the drive along the Gorge Road, a narrow twisting one-way road that clings to … Continue reading Beechworth Gorge

Yack Stone Bridge

Dec 2019, Yackandandah, Vic You’d have to be pretty cheesed off wouldn’t you? If you’d just spent a year or so building this fine bridge, another obstacle overcome in the 1000 or so kilometre road between Melbourne and Sydney, when someone higher up the pecking order decides to change the route to Chiltern. Chiltern for heaven’s sake! I wonder if a few pockets were greased in the process? The stone bridge was built in 1859 and 1860 when this was the Melbourne to Sydney road passing through the gold towns of Beechworth and Yackandandah. Upon completion it was decided that … Continue reading Yack Stone Bridge

Fyansford Paper Mill

Nov 2019, Fyansford, Vic On a particularly wintry Melbourne day we packed a picnic and headed to Fyansford near Geelong. Being cold and dreary as well as midweek there wasn’t much happening but we did manage a bit of a poke about the old buildings and got a feel for what must have once been a vibrant industry and thriving community. Though I must admit our picnic lunch in a park shelter did get a few giggles from passing dog walkers.   Continue reading Fyansford Paper Mill