Stingray Bay

At Stingray Bay in Warrnambool there are two small islands, Merri Island and Middle Island. These two islands are home to Little Penguins whose numbers have been diminishing due to attacks by foxes. Since 2006 Italian Maremma Guardian Dogs have been used to protect the penguins and other birdlife. The penguin numbers are now increasing. Sound familiar? Well the movie ‘Oddball’ was based on the work of these amazing dogs. Continue reading Stingray Bay

Bridgewater Weir

The town of Bridgewater on Loddon is in Central Victoria, just north of Bendigo. A water race and weir was constructed on the Loddon River at Bridgewater in the late 1800’s for the flour mill. The water provided irrigation for farmers and created a swimming hole for the local community. Even today it is an inviting spot for exploring you’ll find it a short walk from the Loddon Bridge Hotel. Continue reading Bridgewater Weir