Clean up Oz

Winter 2018, Queensland On an afternoon walk on the beach I meet a woman with a large bag of rubbish which inspires me because the beach looks clean. In minutes I have found three cans and a styrofoam foam tray. I huff and puff trying to remove a chunk of fibreglass from the sand before realising that it may have been the whole boat. In future I’ll carry a knife to cut nets and rope from driftwood but I’m not going to dig up boats. Continue reading Clean up Oz

Childers RV Park

Aug 2018, Childers, Qld The good folks of Childers in Central Queensland have turned their car park into an RV overnighter. It even has a power station for electric vehicles (and you thought Childers was out in the sticks eh!). While you’re there take a walk up the Main Street and buy fresh Kingaroy peanuts in the shell from The Peanut Van at the northern end of town. Continue reading Childers RV Park

A Celebration in Paradise

July 2016, Cape Hillsborough, Qld It’s Woody’s 70th birthday, we drive into Mackay for lunch and find a friendly Thai restaurant overlooking the marina and have a delicious meal. We can’t complain about the service as there is no one else there. Back at camp we spend the afternoon preparing Woody’s traditional birthday Chinese dinner. You know how people develop strange traditions, well ours is an odd mix of favourite foods. I bake a chocolate cake in our wondrous newly replaced oven then can’t figure out where to put it, the cake that is. The coffee machine is on the … Continue reading A Celebration in Paradise