Banned on the Run, Day 48 – In hot water

Day 48 Tuesday 28/7/20 Wooli

As I make the bed I notice that the hot water fitting is still leaking. We ring Phil Winmill Caravans in Grafton and quickly decide to take the van into Grafton with us when we go in to see the audiologist. As we’re still eating breakfast it’s a mad dash to dress and stow and hitch the van up and be there in time. Grafton is about 50Kms away.

Phil is a nice bloke, he fixes the connection in minutes while he tells us how much he loves fitting Chinese diesel heaters. He makes us even happier about our diesel heater purchase than we already are.

With minutes to spare we race into the CBD and search for van parking. As we turn into yet another tree lined street Woody says “What’s this with all the trees?” He’s forgotten that this is the home of the Grafton Jacaranda Festival.

The ear bloke peeks into Woody’s ears and quickly declares that he’s not touching them as they’re infected. He suggests that we visit the Grafton Base hospital which we do and wait for another two hours to see a doctor. The highlight of which is watching Ninja Warrior on TV with a room full of other masked patients all gasping as each contestant falls into the water. The doctor syringes Woody’s ears with me holding them (Crikey, that would make for a FaceBook picture). Success! We return to camp to find our pit crew ready to guide us in perfectly aligned to our step and hook us back up to power and water.

El Prado cooks us lamb chops on the Weber for dinner and we fade early.

Victorian Covid cases have finally dropped to the 300’s.

Ninja Warriors and leaky pipes

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